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Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Dolce and Gabbanna
Spring/Summer 2012
The conventional dress for the spring is bright and full of flowers to blend with the blossoms as they bloom. But do you really want to just blend in with your surroundings? Once again, florals are a trend for the summer season but this time some designers have decided to put a slightly unorthodox twist on the classic sun dress. It may not be gothic in the sense that images of vampires and Victorian graveyards conjure up in your mind but it does make me think of more of a distorted spring. Probably the sort that we would have hear in Britain; one that is swallowed up by the clouds and the rain. Pessimistic as it may sound, it is an ominous fact that there will always be rain in England. The contrast from previous floral patterns and the distinction between monochrome and rainbow makes me think about the contrasts and distinctions between the grotesque and the beautiful and the good and the evil. It is true that spring is not all bright daffodils and fluffy bunnies like you see on your average Easter card. Bad things happen in the spring too; dark things. However, the flowers remind us that there is still hope and happiness whilst the black tells us not to just ignore the bad things that happen. This trend is classy and sophisticated also. Whilst pinks and yellows are fun and happy and create images of picnics and rolling around on bright green grass, blacks and whites could easily be worn to the office or in the evening to a formal dinner party. To spice up the look add a bright contrasting pair of shoes and a bag; preferably red. Then add some silver chandelier earrings and you're good to go.

Baroque Tiara - 08BRQ-SB801
Slim Barrett Baroque Tiara
Costume designer, Slim Barrett has an array of medieval inspired collections that are a nod onto the gothic side. His Baroque Tiara has been purchased by the Victoria and Albert museum after being used on the catwalk for Anthony Price. Personally, I feel that there has been a gothic side to every era before the 20th Century. After that people were inspired by the past and used it to become what is known today as a "goth." 

Goths have been in the media and there are a fair few celebrities who have either been goths or still are. In general, goths are accepted into society in a normal way and they are not the most discriminated minority. I suppose it depends on how far you take it. It could just be a teenagery stage or you could go really hardcore goth for the rest of your life. Some celebrity goths are Taylor Momsen and Avril Lavigne. 

Taylor Momsen: Get the Look

When I picture Taylor Momsen, she is still a sixteen year old girl who wears a ton of make-up, dresses in a uniform of t-shirts and suspenders and openly jokes about sex toys on live radio but when I started to Google her style for this post I found this look which I find rather more sophisticated than the others. I really like the MAC lipstick that I found and there is no denying that these 6.5 inch heels have the WOW factor. 

Get The Look: The Victorian Goth

Many Gothic styles originated from over a century ago in the Victorian era where people wore lace up boots and gothic, swirl embellished gowns whilst carrying precious stone encrusted coin purses. There is something spooky about the past. Many dark thrillers are set in the Victorian era where hanging was still legal and what now look like ghostly mansions were constructed. If we look even further into the past we will find evidence of witch hunts and gruesome tortures that  all too often occurred. However, the subculture that is gothism did not begin until the 1980s. It originated from gothic rock music. The Pearson's Renaissance shop is perfect for anyone who has a taste for spooky styles of the past. Among dresses and accessories are eerie cloaks and knight's adornment and equipment.   

Get the Look: The Modern Goth

Monochrome flowers might be in style on the catwalk but on the high street gothism is being channelled through the medium of crosses. Black will always be in style as Coco Chanel once said, "Black wipes out everything else around" meaning that the wearer will stand out although because it is such a plain colour and so popular, it does not stand out much. Nevertheless, gothism is not all about black and cross t-shirts, dresses and jewellery are the main focus of the high street's gothic antics. The purse in this collage gives the overall outfit a costume style touch.  

The Hardcore Goth

Corsets, platforms and skulls should grace a serious goth's darkened wardrobe. I like the vintage black shirts as well; peter pan collars and pussy bows are best. The main outfit in the centre of this collation is the leather skirt, fishnet tights, creepers  and peter pan collar top. This look is not too gothic but I really like it so put it in the foreground anyway. I love creepers at the moment; black ones, leopard print ones, dalmatian print ones: all of them. 

Gothic Event- Le Bal des Vampires
Carine Roitfeld threw a clever costume party to celebrate her biography Irreverent. The fashion celebrities all came dressed in gothic styles for the party had a vampire theme. Carine herself wore a gorgeous Givenchy gown with dramatic make up. The decor was also wonderful; fur and blood red velvet.

Best Gothic Books
Teen vampire novels seem to have taken over the world right now but there are many other gothic related classics that are still widely recognised today. I included the future classic, Twilight seeing as that is the original famous teenage vampire novel (even though Vampire Diaries came first but never mind.)

Dracula by Bram Stoker
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

Best Gothic Films
Many thrillers have a gothic ambiance to them; especially the ones set in scary mansions. Below are some of the best:

Bride of Frankenstein
Sleepy Hollow
The Others
The Haunting
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Best Gothic Music
The term goth originated from '80s music but which artists are the most successful today? The below names were taken from the 2012 goth charts. 

Lacuna Coil
Anneke Van Giersbergen

Gothic Styles on the Catwalk- spring/summer 2012
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