Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pretty Passion, Fine Fashion #10

Pretty Passion.

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I have been wanting to call Vogue my pretty passion ever since I first started the weekly pretty passion, fine fashion but it inspires me every month so I was not really sure when to use it. However, I think the time is now right. The March issue is the second biggest of the year and contains a large mass of trend reports and new ad campaigns. This year Lana Del Rey is on the cover. I love this because she is so new to success in the music industry so once again Vogue are ahead of the trends but this time not only in the fashion industry but in music as well.

Fine Fashion.

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Referring back to Vogue again when I write about this but last month when they released their official spring/summer catwalk trend guide, the biggest spread was honing in on pastels and this Dolce and Gabbana dress is what jumped out of the page for me. That probably sounds odd as pastels are very pale so tend not to jump out the page as much as the past colour blocking trend did but when I let my eyes skim over the delicately beautiful array of looks, this was later on the dress that stuck in my mind. I got straight on the trail of finding a high street equivalent and luckily I did in none other than River Island.

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