Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pretty Passion, Fine Fashion #11

Pretty Passion. 
It's been out for over a month and already I am on the prowl for items that fit into the trend categories in it as I am sure many other Vogue worshippers lovers are doing also. Pale and Interesting, The Great Gatsby, Pyjama Party: just a few of the creative names that conjure up spring/summer catwalk images in my mind. But now, not only catwalk photographs invade my brain but cute high street finds as well. My ever growing Styloko scrapbook contains my favourite pieces that may find their home in my closet before August comes around and I take them with me to Portugal. I love shopping for summer. The Vogue Catwalk Guide for spring/summer is what helps me decide what to take with me on holiday in the summer. Last year it was midi skirts, tangerines and blues but this year it will be pastels, whites and animal prints. Without further ado I present you with my amended Vogue Trend Guide that features all the high street equivalents to the best looks from the runway. Enjoy and I hope this also helps you with your packing. I know summer seems like ages away but you can never prepare too early and I love thinking about all those blue skies and sunny days ahead.

Fine Fashion.

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