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Pretty Passion, Fine Fashion #9

Pretty Passion.

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I first heard about this documentary (which at the time I thought was a fictional yet factually based film) when I was eleven years old and started at my new school. My form room was a Media Studies room and there was a poster on the wall. I did not notice it that much and did not really know that much about the fashion industry then.
Over a year later I bought the September issue at the same time as I bought Coco Before Chanel. I had been working my way through Glamour magazine's most fashionable films list and those two were on there. It was on the day of my 13th birthday and I think the HMV deal was 2 for £10. I first watched The September Issue later on that day. I felt really stupid when I found out that it was a documentary and that I had not realised that. I was a bit annoyed at the time as I was no where near as interested in Vogue as I am now and I have never even bought a copy. However, a few weeks ago it was a Saturday or Sunday and I felt an urge to watch it. This time round it really inspired me. I had watched it a couple more times after the initial disappointment but this time I decided to make it a pretty passion. 
I would recommend it to anyone who is interesting in Vogue or the fashion industry in general. It gives you a VIP look into the fashion industry and really shows you how important and influential Anna Wintour truly is. It has been called the real life Devil Wears Prada and there are aspects of Miranda Priestly in Anna but fashion is a bitch eat bitch industry and she is proof that you have to be tough to survive. However, underneath the strong fa├žade, she is actually a human being like everyone else. She just has a very professional attitude and knows what she likes and how she likes it. 
The fashion industry has been opened up so it is not just the elite that know about it. The internet means you can understand lots more, bloggers are actually part of the industry and The September Issue lets you see, for the first time ever, how Vogue's September issue is created and the incredibly creative, passionate, innovative, diligent minds that aid this process. The fashion industry is not the only industry that is more open nowadays. The music industry now includes YouTube and the talent that people post on there. The publishing industry now has numerous self publishing methods in which some authors have been very successful from doing. The fashion industry has bloggers. You can now make your own dreams come to life without the help of anyone else. All these industries are no longer so elitist and impossible difficult to get into. I could say that I work in the fashion industry because as a blogger I minutely contribute and I get to do what I love. 
On the cover it says "Fashion is a religion. This is the bible." This is a very apt statement and Vogue is often referred to as the fashion bible but you can read more about fashion as a religion here.

Fine Fashion.

(image from weheartit)

I have 176 unopened Vogue emails in a file that is separate from all my other emails because they send out newsletters so frequently. However, from time to time I will open them for blog post inspiration and outfit ideas. After clicking through a link to a gallery of pictures called "Winter Sun Seekers" I found the likes of Pixie Lott, Marc Jacobs and Rihanna all abroad on beautiful beaches or perfect pools in sunny situations. I was bored so tried to recreate all the looks and saved them to a styloko set. There was no pattern in celebrity trends apart from the zebra bikini; worn by both Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Miami and Kate Moss in the Caribbean. I found a few look-a-likes but my favourite was the Calvin Klein pair from ASOS. However, the bottoms have sold out. I am sure there will be more around nearer the summer. I am going to try and buy one in time for the summer because I'm going to be going to Portugal!
My love for this swimwear only grew when Vogue's catwalk guide came out at the beginning of February stating that animal prints were a big trend this season. I have already bought a sheer leopard print maxi dress that looks very Salvatore Ferragamo and Michael Kors and I have a furry leopard print onesie from Topshop that I got for Christmas. My next step to take in this trend is to get a zebra bikini then I will have it covered. 

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