Sunday, 26 February 2012

Summer Dressing: In The City

Items in this set

Here I'm imagining that the weather is moderately cool. Perhaps you are dressing for London or maybe Paris. For Milan or New York you can make a few simple adjustments. Wear a sleeveless chiffon top for the day and lose the boucle jacket for the night. The clothes are budget buys but the bag and shoes are classics that are incredibly versatile and instantly make any look grown up and sophisticated. 


  1. Just a little comment to reply to the one you left for me.

    I noticed today that H&M must have had some more stock in for that blouse at some point. It's available online in a size 16 and it's only about £18 in the sale.

    I can see that you're smaller than that but if you like a baggy fit, it's an option. Or it might be cheaper to buy one and get it altered by a seamstress (if you can't do it yourself) rather than getting one on ebay.


  2. Thanks Becky. I will definitely look into that x


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