Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Summer Dressing: On a Night Out

Catwalk photo from
Suit, Topshop, SOLD OUT
Shoes, ASOS, £21.50
Clutch, River Island, £28

Forget the LBD and its more colourful sisters. This summer its all about pyjamas; yes pyjamas. You can go out in them and relax on a night out just as you would at home. Well, not quite. These pyjamas have class, style and sophistication with the best of them made of silk with bold prints (paisley is a runway favourite.) Pyjama suits that suit the evening are tricky to find but suits with a bold print work just as well. There is something refreshing about this trend. It is so comfortable and functional yet it is also a big statement as it's a giant leap from the ordinary evening mini dress. My personal reassurance that this will work is that it is not dissimilar to a jumpsuit and possibly it has evolved from that as the jumpsuit was a chic evening wear choice last summer and jewel toned jumpsuits were at Gucci in their autumn/winter '12 collection.

For a fresh summery allure the pyjama suit is just what the fashion doctor ordered.   

Last summer I went on holiday to Cyprus where the evenings were warm so I dressed like this:


  1. I will try the florals again this year! I was pregnant last year and they did not do me any justice.


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