Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Travel Style

We have waved goodbye to the first month of 2012 and have travelled from January to February. But what is a girl to do when she must travel further? To a different country even? And what is she going to wear?

I spoke about escaping to other countries to get away from the January blues around this time last month and I wrote about flying to more tropical climates in "Escapism" and a bit in "Moonrock" but I am now revisiting this theme to talk about what to wear on your way to these dreamy destinations. Usually I choose style over comfort but travelling is an exception to this rule. I have tried to keep each outfit stylish as well as comfortable nevertheless. The difference between how I would usually dress and how I dress when I travel is this: usually I try to stay on top of the current trends but when I travel I tend to opt for more timeless styles which I think is a good rule of thumb. All three outfits below you will hopefully be able to wear with comfort for years into the future. I have included the same plain white t-shirt in every look to show that although they are possibly the most boring item of clothing ever, they are also very comfortable and versatile. I will probably refer back to this post in the summer when most people go on holiday. I am probably going to Portugal in August. However, for those of you that are travelling soon, I hope that you find this post useful. Happy travelling!
This first look I like to think of as practical; the savvy traveller. She is well equipped with a stylish time piece (£159.19, Michael Kors at JulesB) so that she does not miss her flight or any other important deadlines for that day. She is also wearing a jumper (£195, Burberry Brit at which will keep her warm in cold countries but with a t-shirt (£19, Precis Petite at Debenhams) underneath in case she gets off the plane in a hot country. The blazer (£959, Burberry Prorsum at adds a touch of business-like smart to the overall look. Even if you are just going a away for a break, make people think that you are going on an important business trip by dressing like you are. Some people say not to wear jeans (£165, Etoile Isabel Marant at net-a-porter) when travelling because they are uncomfortable but I personally have never had a problem with them however, if you have do not hesitate to transfer them for leggings. As for footwear, the last time I went on a plane I made the mistake of wearing gladiator sandals. It was not the first time I had worn them on a plane and my feet had never got bloated before but this time they did and it was horrible. I had lines on my feet from where the multiple straps had dug in for days afterwards. Comfortable boots (£162.37, Vince Camuto at Bloomingdales) appear to be appropriate for most places but I would definitely not recommend them if you are flying to a hot country or if you are prone to getting hot easily for it is not nice to have your feet stuck in big boots when they get hot. Large sunglasses ($195, Ray-Ban) help to disguise tired, puffy eyes. Just thought that I would add in here that British Vogue have recently done an article in their beauty section about how dark circles are not always a bad thing but they have also recommended some good lotions and potions to help them fade. A functional carry on bag (£14.99, H&M) is a must and this one from H&M has three inner pockets for storing mints, pens, sweets and other necessities. It also has 23 by 32cm of space for storing travel games, magazines/newspapers, your iPod, books and notepads for the journey.
Patterned leggings (£20, Miss Selfridge) have caused a storm on the high street in the past few months and you can see mine here. I especially love the monochrome looks because they are so modern, go with everything and sort of work with this season's sporty trend. They are stretchy and comfortable too (leggings are the perfect alternative for jeans, like I mentioned above.) Again, we see the same white t-shirt (£19, Precis Petite at Debenhams.) A cardigan is easier to put on and remove than just a jumper and this one does not even have any buttons so you can just throw it on and off. However, I would recommend a jumper if you know that it is going to be really cold. I really want to get some white converses ($50, Macy's) and have done for a while. I think that this summer is my chance. The Olympics is coming to London and sportswear is big in fashion world so some investments need to be made in that direction. I used to own some sequinned All Star Converses but I grew out of them and now I want to get the classic pair. At the moment I have some Adidas hi-top/converse style trainer which are bright pink and bright orange; they're really striking and I love them but would like something a bit more versatile and white goes with everything. Ever since Kristen Stewart at the MTV awards in 2009, many have been inspired to rock the trainers and a dress trend for a laid-back and edgy yet incredibly chic look. A large black handbag ($352.50, Berge Riga at Endless) will serve you well throughout the years. Not only does it go with everything and fits everything in it. It can actually look pretty hot too.     
I think that this look has an off-duty model vibe to it and I am loving that ambiance at the moment. I really want to get some chic model-esque ankle boots like the ones above ($49.49, Very Volatile at Endless.) I have gone for a money saving approach here by making the outfit up of bargains so that you will have enough money left over to splurge on this beautiful Mulberry bag (£4000, Mulberry.) I love how the boots, bag and jacket (£30, H&M) all match perfectly. A biker jacket is another thing that I have lusted after for some time. I had a dark brown leather look jacket but I lost it (sounds stupid, I know.) I recently bought a waterproof coat from Topshop that looks kind of like a shearling leather jacket. I remember when shearling leather jackets were really fashionable around two winters ago but I now prefer the more subtle, plain look with perhaps a few zips and studs. I have included jeans (£36, Miss Selfridge) again but, as with before, you can always swap them for leggings. I think that skinny jeans kind of complete the off-duty model look and it is difficult to pull off without them so jeggings are a good idea. I have these ones from River Island. Obviously, we have the same t-shirt as before but just in case you missed it, here is the link again (£19, Precis Petite at Debenhams) however, you can buy a plain white t-shirt from a range of shops and it is probably a lot cheaper in Primark but it depends on the quality you want. I do not really mind what quality a white t-shirt is as long as it fits its purpose.

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  1. I think look 2 would be the most comfortable, though I doubt I look that chic when I'm actually travelling! : )


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