Friday, 3 February 2012

Trend List Part 1

Get ready for it. This is the official Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions guide to spring/summer 2012 trends. What will you buy this season? Where will you buy it? I hope that I can aid your summer shopping with this post.

1) Fifties USA

Cue plasticised leather midi skirts, cat eye sunglasses, crop tops and bralets and polite plaids. Prada was the leading label in this trend.
You will be pleased to know that Topshop have added new lines to their sale and the shiny leather skirt is now half price; reduced from £80 to £40. I am going to have to get it. Not sure how to wear it? Take inspiration from Bottega Veneta; a cute cardigan or jumper and this skirt make such a charming couple. The jumper (£25, Topshop) adds a classier, more mature vibe to this look. The skirt (£40, Topshop) conjures up thoughts of 1950s car glamour whilst the rucksack ($49.90, Zara) resembles a black leather biker jacket like the ones worn by the T Birds in Grease, a film synonymous with the '50s. The bag also punks up the outfit at the same time as the jumper softens it, making it equal. 
I purchased some cat eye sunglasses last summer and they are back again from the second summer in a row. Something tells me that this style will be hanging around for a while. My mum bought some D&G tortoiseshell ones whilst I purchased an almost identical pair for only £5 in River Island as well as a black pair for around £7 in a small boutique locally. This year, however, bright colours make the best statement. At Bottega Veneta they had a red pair and at Rochas they were blue. The bigger they flick up and the thinner they are the better. Make sure the cat-eye shape is very definite to be bang on trend.
I steered clear of crop tops and bralets for a while because I thought that they were a bit trashy but this season the catwalk dictates that they are not and who are we to argue. I loved Prada's yellow car print bandeau top paired with a pink and yellow pencil skirt. Meanwhile, at Nina Ricci there was an all white look going down. This one, I have tried to copy with this top from Republic that I purchased at the weekend. This also matches the whole white lace trend that has been constant since the royal wedding in April last year. I am going to wear it with my white skirt from Marks and Spencer's this summer- it's too cold right now. Topshop also do a wide range of bralets (floral, daisies, denim.) I tried on four before deciding on the Republic one! Pencil skirts are sort of merged into this section of the trend as most crop tops have been paired with pencil skirts by designers. 
The way to wear plaids right now is to go all out and wear them head to toe. Match the pastel trend with pale colour schemes or classic school girl ginghams and tartans. I really want to get a matching blazer and cigarette trousers either in tweed, plaid or tartan.   


{NW3 by Hobbs Rye Short Plaid Jacket with Faux Leather Trim, £108, ASOS}


{Prada}- yellow car print dress, blue car print top, car print leather pencil skirt, yellow car print bandeau top, pink and yellow floral pencil skirt, cat-eye sunglasses.
{Proenza Schouler}- shiny leather striped dress, patterned top, leather gloves, shiny skirt, polo shirts, shiny leather striped skirt, black bralet, printed skirt, cat-eye sunglasses.
{Nina Ricci}- navy leather jacket and skirt, navy bralet, denim fishtail skirt, denim bralet, sheer blue cardigan, white bralet and skirt, cat-eye sunglasses.
{Rochas}- pastel plaids, plaid dress, plaid coat, cat-eye sunglasses.
{Jil Sander}- plaid suits, purple plaid, blue gingham.
{Marc Jacobs}- gingham shirt, plasticised skirt, gingham jacket.
{Bottega Veneta}-plasticised skirt, oversized bag, cat-eye sunglasses.

2) Let it Shine

Jewel tones are no longer at the forefront of fashion and the Christmas decorations might be down but that does not mean that all the shine has disappeared from our lives and wardrobes. I love this trend because it is the one that Chanel dominates. There show has been labelled by many insiders as the best one for the creativity of the actual event. Karl Lagerfeld designed it and created an icy scene with icebergs and Florence Welch singing. Reflective metallic slip dresses and suits make up the trend but I also love this shirt from ASOS. It gives you an idea of the sort of shades that I am talking about. You can see more examples at Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Giles, Max Mara and Moschino. 


3) Beloved Blossom

OK, I know it is so stereotypical for flowers to be in style at spring/summer but once again they are and, let's face it, spring/summer would just not be spring/summer without a few flowers on the fields and on our clothes. This season it is all about being totally swallowed up in masses of big flowers on suits and dresses like at Balmain, Rodarte, Valentino, Marni, Erdem, Chloe and Prada. However, Christopher Kane went for a more original approach that I have fallen in love with. The most gorgeous dress is a sheer shift dress with pastel coloured flowers all over it. Another spring/summer 2012 favourite on the runway was monochrome flowers. Winter took colour into its hands with jewel tones so now summer is stealing black and white from winter and turning it into florals. Both seasons managed to get a good grasp of the balance between the two seasons. 

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