Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Trendy Muse-ic

If any photograph epitomizes the link between fashion and music in the world of today it is this one. Karl Lagerfeld and Florence Welch standing side by side whilst the models, draped in clothes that are so elegantly present; the sort of elegance that can only be pulled off by the fashion house of Chanel. Karl and Florence have their arms round one and other symbolising that this is not the first time they have met. They have actually become quite close. Florence sung at Chanel's fabulous spring/summer '12 catwalk show. This show in particular took the fashion world by storm. The creative buzz was omnipresent and I think it reminds everyone why we love fashion. 

The newest musical prodigy on the fashion scene is Lana Del Rey. She is this month's British Vogue's cover star. It is her Vogue cover d√©but; the sort of thing that occupies the dreams of us mere mortals. Lana had her first big hit with Video Games which was released last October. Personally, I adore her voice and her style of music. You can listen to her new single Born to Die here or you can purchase her album by the same name here. She has definitely made her mark in the fashion world. Her track "Video Games" was played at Christopher Kane's spring/summer '12 London show, she sang at a Dior gig in Beijing and also at a Mulberry party at the Chateau Marmont. Her make-up always makes a statement; the artistic designs and the long pointed ends on her nails and the interesting shapes of her eye lashes and eye make up. She has some very strong facial features and knows how to work them to her advantage. The make-up in the above collage is the actual make up from her Vogue cover. I think of Lana's style as cute and pastelly like her Vogue shoot and like the chiffon shirt on the album cover for Born to Die but she adds edgy details that include make up. Her songs are not lovely and sweet and happy but they are haunting. They are beautiful nonetheless but in the kind of beauty that is more difficult to understand and interpret.

Other Trendy Muses 
- Rihanna
Her hairstyles are always changing, her songs are always controversial and she is said to be executive producer for a new TV show due to air in the spring. This show will aim to find a new fashion designer and will be available to watch on Sky Living. She says, "I always had a great love of fashion."
- Adele
This woman is the star of music at the moment; stealing the night at the BRITS and the Grammy's. Being that famous and dressing nicely go hand in hand but Adele is so inspirational because she is so beautiful but not stick thin. Although she is curvy she still dresses fabulously and always looks happy and healthy. 
- Lady Gaga
You can read my post on Lady Gaga here. She is clearly an icon that will go down in history; for her dress sense perhaps even more than her music! 
- Eliza Doolittle
In January of last year, Eliza was signed by Select models. She has modelled for Nike and Moschino. You can see her Select model portfolio here.  

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