Wednesday, 7 March 2012


As much as I would have liked to make a little 1st birthday cake for my blog, I have been preoccupied revising for a maths test and worrying about the science GCSE results that we are getting tomorrow. Therefore I had to use this photo from here. Because of the aforementioned reasons this post will have to be shorter than I had wished as I think that 1 year is quite a big thing. I am glad that I have kept Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions going as I had hoped that I would. I have posted 237 times and throughout those posts my writing and my style has progressed and evolved. It is now 365 days since I first posted to you in this post on Coco Chanel who I still find equally as inspirational as I did when I wrote the post. I watched Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky at the weekend and Chanel does seem to be portrayed as a bit of bitch in that but she had a difficult life and worked hard to make a lot out of nothing which is very admirable regardless of her tendency to have affairs with married men and not feel guilty! Since I started my blog I have gained 66 loyal followers whom I am thankful to for reading what I have to say and commenting regularly. NOW LET'S PARTY! 

LOL JK: back to revising.

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