Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Haute Couture

Each season the world's most luxurious looks come down the runway. These are not just the ready to wear designer brands (ie. Gucci and Prada.) These outfits are in a whole new league. The name's couture. Haute couture. 
OK. That was so cheesy.
There were a million shades of blue at the Chanel couture show which took place on a concocted commercial plane. Quite an ordinary surrounding was distorted into a fashion show situation with the plane aisle widened to make a runway and the seats turned to let the front row fashionistas gaze on. The classic elegant androgyny is as much in this show as it was over half a century ago when Chanel's original ideas were put into the practice. The elegance is obvious in the trademark suits and the couture dresses. However, the androgyny comes from the slightly slouched attitudes that the models have with their hands in the drop waist pockets that looked a bit (as Karl Lagerfeld put it) "like boys whose jeans are slipping off." The blue shades are turned to chic, cool colours whereas this colour is stereotypically a boy colour so again the gender boundaries are nudged. 
From one fabulous Parisian brand to another. Chanel hated Dior and his "New Look" but the modern day creative directors Lagerfeld and Gaytten have taken both brands on their own journeys that often mirror the original ideas but have a different take each season. The Dior couture show for spring/summer had a vintage look to it. The craftsmanship was beautiful but who could expect any less? The full gowns were fabulous and the '50s style dresses complied with the "Vintage Americana" trend. Monochrome prints were in abundance but how could we possibly forget that red dress?

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This dress (left) is worth a staggering $30 million dollars and is embroidered with 750 diamonds. It is the world's most expensive dress that exceeds the price of all high quality couture. When it comes to the priciest dresses it always comes down to the diamonds. You could buy the most stunning Chanel or Dior couture gown and the price tag still would not compare to a diamond studded dress. I would love to one day save up for a custom made couture gown, but then again, who wouldn't? They are so grown up princess-y. 

(all catwalk photos in this post are from style.com)

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