Sunday, 22 April 2012

Chanel Spring/Summer 2012

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Pearls have long been synonymous with Chanel but usually the brand does not pay homage to the luxurious detail's origins. For spring/summer 2012 however, what Karl Lagerfeld aptly labelled "classy mermaids" came floating down the runway. The pearls gracing hair, ears, eyebrows and backs were among a sea of shimmering outfits resembling the sun shining down over a brilliant azure sea. The dampened hair did not appear greasy but rather sophisticated underneath the nautical jewels. It really set off the pale, glittering eye shadow and lip gloss as well as the models' porcelain clear skin. 

Damp hair pulled into a neat chignon is so much more classy than wet hair hanging around the shoulders which exudes an air of laid back fun as opposed to the ladylike elegance of the former. Lagerfeld is celebrated for his creative visions. Each show takes the audience to a whole new world whether they are sitting on the FROW or watching from a laptop screen like I usually do. This season we were escorted in an orderly sophisticated manner towards a world where classy and fabulous mermaids inhabit and gracefully glide through pearl covered areas of glimmering seascape. 

I love the recurring pearl theme at Chanel. Along with boucle jackets, tweed suits and simplistic yet feminine elegance it is the addition that remains from Coco's original visions. I have recently sewn some pearls to a boucle jacket. I will post that process once it is entirely complete. However, I will also experiment with sticking pearls to hair clips for the desirable under water Chanel look. I might also attempt to find some stick on pearls that I can apply to my ear, eyebrow and back a la Chanel.  

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