Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What to buy for Spring

Clockwise from top left:

I love moustaches right now. I think they are so chic and I don't have anything with a moustache print on.

Peplums are a massive this season and this pink skirt is sophisticated and feminine. 

I love swimsuits with interesting pictures on them. This has a summery tone to it too.

Galaxy print is another big love of mine now. Black Milk do amazing leggings. The only downside is that they come from the other side of the world. 

Neons totally fit in with this summer's chic sportswear. 

Pastels are perfect for summer but you can wear these jeans all year round.

I have an obsession with shorts at the moment. The more tie dye and studs the better. 

Another  moustache beauty. Like the watch, this is something that you will look at everyday. I recently bought a rabbito case but this one is also gorgeous. Although I have an iPhone 3GS in a 4/4s case it still fits pretty well. However, I have to take off the case when I put it on charge and it is sometimes tricky to put it on hold and change the volume etc.

Crosses are huge on the high street at the moment. At first I wasn't sure about the whole trend but I'm sort of feeling it now and these leggings are amazing. 

I love all the bright colours available this season. It adds to the fun summer scene that comes around once every year. 

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