Friday, 18 May 2012

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Elie Saab

Elie Saab joined the cool crew of designers who played with the idea of ice cream tones and feminine prettiness this season.An array of couture dresses came flooding down the catwalk with a pastel cool demeanour. Each dress was available in an assortment of colours which we often see on the highstreet but not so much on the catwalk. The blue was my favourite because I just adore that colour this season. Above are all my favourite pieces but I think the one that tops them all is the second from the bottom (just above the  short pink) because it exudes summer. The cut around the shoulders and the sheer fabric introduces a touch of sensuality which would otherwise be absent from this modest, floor grazing frock.This would be a piece to treasure but can be worn to formal dinners with no accessories aside from some glorious earrings; the dress can do all the talking.It's couture, for God's sake!


At Valentino there was yet another flourish of femininity but this time it was topped off with a sprinkle of romantic renaissance decadence. High necked, ruffs and puffy sleeves oozed sophistication and the gowns, where shall I begin with the gowns?  Let's start with the one second from the bottom. I just had to include this due to its pure opulence. Just look at the jewel encrusted detail of the dark champagne coloured garment. It is a gown synonymous with couture and red carpets. Smoking slippers and crisp trousers nod towards androgyny but the skirts paired with pussy bow blouses ensured that the main theme was to embrace girlishness.  

Maxime Simoens

So from the renaissance we come speeding up the space age designs. These outfits make me think of super heroes which could be a metaphor for female empowerment. The tightly pulled back hair makes sure that the models look tough (even in the floaty dresses which I had to include every colour of because they are simply gorgeous.) Each style seems to represent something different. The black and gold outfits are certainly quintessentially space age. The next outfit down is more fitting for work wear; smart jackets never go a miss. The next one down utters space age but can be dressed up and down for day or night. Then we have the floaty dresses. The first one blatantly conjures up images of the ocean. One that maintains its beauty throughout the stormiest of nights. The coral tones of the next dress remind me of a beautiful species of fish and last one is for a fairy look. The orange rara dress is just great for any smart or smart/casual events.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Panning through the seventy Amy Winehouse inspired looks reminded me of what an icon Amy really was and also how aesthetically pleasing John Galliano is as a brand. Somehow there managed to be the right balance between beehives, eyeliner, somewhat tarty '50s clothing and the sophistication that one expects from couture. The bubblegum pink hair was a personal favourite. The whole collection was a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns. However, this collection did seem to coincide with other spring/summer catwalk trends; the peplum, the anorak, the '50s.The spectrum ranged from the blue maxi dress with matching hair to just a corset with tights and heels to revive last season's sexuality that has now been taken over by pretty innocence. It was a charming tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. 
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  1. beautiful post with much of what I would call haute cuture necessities. Mostly due to Elie Saab, who makes genius designs and is by far my favourite designer of all times. I swear if I EVER found myself on the red carpet (or something as fabulous) I would be wearing Elie Saab..


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