Friday, 4 May 2012

Role Models

There are so many people that influence and inspire me; from people I know to celebrities to bloggers to sort of imaginary yet aspirational people and from the dead to the alive and the people in the "Its not all doom and gloom" section of Russell Howard's Good News. My main inspirations are Coco ChanelTavi GevinsonAnna Wintour and JK Rowling however, I do not have just one role model. Everything around me, everything in my life influences the person I am and the person I want to be. To see my weekly inspirations check out my Pretty Passion, Fine Fashion posts that I post every Friday. However, I thought it would be interesting to introduce some more views after hearing me going on about my role models for over a year on this blog. So I got some others from the blogging community to write a short paragraph on their own role models. They are an incredibly fashionable bunch (the bloggers and their role models): 

Haya from GoodGoodGorgeous

"I take pride in my heritage both culturally and spiritually, which I feel is a huge influence in my style and the way I carry myself. Therefore one of my role models is Natalie Portman, not only is she gorgeous, intelligent, classy and yet funny, but she is as I am born in Israel but from a very young age has moved around and lived in different places. She is incredibly talented, and I admire how she tries to help socially and influence young people to be conscious environmentally and socially."

Grecia from Blissful Perfection

"My role model has to be Audrey Hepburn. Most of the girls just like her because she is an icon and because she is the star of an old movie with a lot of success, but those girls never think of Audrey Hepburn-the actress, the woman that got rejected first for the role of "Holly Golightly" but with determination got the part and shut everyone's mouths that said that she wasn't the right person for that role. I think that her life is amazing and inspiring, because after all the drama that happen to her, she still tried to accomplish her dream and she become and excellent dancer and an actress... and icon. She also did things that prove to the people that it doesn't matter if you are famous, a millionaire, successful, you can always give everything you can to the people that need it. She was smart and the things she said were always inspirational to girls that didn't have too much hope in themselves. She's my role model because believe it or not, her quotes helped me."

Leen from Fashion United

I have more than one role model. Marilyn Monroe because she is the perfect idea of beauty, not skinny, not big, just curvy and gorgeous! Just everything, she is so lovely pin up ish, it's aweome, I love that kind of style, but not for everyday. I also like Twiggy, the model with the amazing eyes and mascara. I just love her face, nothing more. I also love Audrey Hepburn because she is also like Marilyn Monroe. I also loooooooooooove Allison Harvard. OMG she's perfect. She is smart. She is beautiful, and her style is sgmdkfgkls amazing. No words for it, she is the best! Also the last person that is my role model is Sien van Look. She is a girl from school and she has a great style! she is just so cool.

Laura from Nasty Brownies

I consider myself an optimistic girl, always happy and always trying to carry on, no matter what happens around me. And I have to thank my mum for teaching me all the positive values and attitudes that have helped to form who I am today. She is my biggest role model. But if I had to pick someone famous that inspires me, I wouldn’t be able to choose between Kate Winslet and Alexa Chung. I know they are extremely different from each other, but they gather all qualities I admire the most (not to mention their amazing styles!). From my point of view, they are not only a beautiful face but some of their beauty comes from within. They look after the less disadvantaged and collaborate with NGO’s or different kind of non lucrative associations. A clear example is the Golden Hat Foundation by Kate Winslet, created to support all those with autism.
I really think that the people who are in the top of our society should use their fame in order to help the ones in need, but the most important is recognizing all those that, despite not being famous or not having lots of resources, try to make life easier to the people around. Kindness makes people beautiful.

Megs from Wonderful You

Since I can remember my aunty Linda has been the biggest influence in my life. Whether it be dressing up in her shoes five sizes too big for me when I was four, or stealing one too many of her lipsticks last week, she is a constant reminder of loveliness in my world. Throughout life’s events she has been a constant support, a true shoulder to cry on and such a positive guidance. She has always had faith in me, and even at my lowest hour, she’s managed to pick me up and push me forward in some way or another. She convinces me that I can do whatever I set my mind to, and has such a passion for making everyone feel that way. Her life revolves around making others happy, from pruning my nan’s garden every week, to taking me in when I wasn’t sure where I belonged. I hope that at some point in my life I will be able to provide for people like she does, selflessly, and with such ease. Whenever I feel like I can’t, she is the reminder I can. Wonderful doesn’t begin to describe her and she is everything I aspire to be.

Amelie from From Paris At Home
I don’t really have a role model. If I had to choose between Kate Moss, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly or whoever else, I am not like any of these women. Kate is too… simple. Grace is too Princess, Audrey is too Vintage, Natalia Vodianova is too discreet and Lady Gaga too provocative. So, it’s quite hard to write about my role model. If I had to give two words, instead of two names to define my style and way of living, I’ll tell you “freedom and dream”. I’m an only child, raised in Paris by her both Polish parents. I often go to Poland, in the lakes region. There, I’ve learnt freedom. I was playing on the train rail, in disaffected factories and didn’t worry about anything. How amazing time it was! Anyway, when I came back I Paris, I began my dreaming phase. All this “beauty and perfection’s culture” made me want. On top of that, there, luxury is easily available. You only have to walk down a well-off neighbourhood, to come across a fashion designer’s boutique, then claim you could buy everything you want, put on every piece you like, and pout saying it doesn’t fit you. Because of that little game, I began to flirt with fashion and Haute Couture. My style shaped season after season, collection after collection. First, I was reserved, wearing suits which made me too serious for my 14. But I could wear it to school and everyone was looking at me as if I was Grace Kelly. A year later, I discovered Rock culture and I became more glam rock than fancy. Now my favorite pieces are a leather black jacket, a 2.55 Chanel bag and my Prada’s sunglasses, with a smoky make-up. Finally, some mornings, I’m taken by a unusual inspiration and I wear what I want to, without caring about what the Other would think about me.


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