Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Couple

Image from http://thefashionisto.com/roo-panes-fronts-burberrys-fallwinter-2012-campaign-by-mario-testino/
With an atmospheric London backdrop, wet pavements and fog, Burberry stage their autumn/winter 2012/13 campaign featuring Roo Panes and and Gabriella Wilde as their new leading couple; the new role models for stylish, quintessentially British couples nationwide. The perfect blend of musician and actress taking their turn at modelling. Roo Panes mixes folksy vocals with brilliant guitar playing and Wilde is due to appear in thriller, Carrie. Both are undoubtedly very talented and the new ones to watch. The campaign was shot by renowned fashion photographer, Mario Testino and creatively directed by Christopher Bailey. It shows a clear contrast between seasons as the last campaign features summer smiles and strawberries along with a considerably larger dose of colour whereas autumn/winter is darker and moodier in more than one way. Panes and Wilde almost appear sad in the photographs however, there is still that sense of sophisticated beauty in the way in which the pictures are shot and the models' stances.

There can be no better time for such a British label to release its new campaign when the whole country is feeling oh so patriotic with the Queen's jubilee weekend. This time Bailey really has gone all out with smoke machines and special effects that more often appear in movies than fashion shoots.

Roo Panes is definitely my new crush. His dreamy music is fabulous. I'm going to get my guitar out and try to learn some of the tunes. The guitar genre I'm most suited to is quite folksy like his music. He fits the tall, dark and handsome quota. Oh and talented too. He recorded the soundtrack for the campaign. Here, have a listen;

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