Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pretty Passion, Fine Fashion #28

This week I thought I'd try a different kind of layout. I started making my own zine last week (called R.A.V.E.) and I will let you know when I have finished it. Consequently I am loving making inspirational collages at the moment and writing in my own writing in a way that makes everything look homemade because I think that adds an authentic touch to something that is usually so commercialised. I am super duper excited for my work experience at the local paper that starts on Monday so this week's Fine Fashion is based on workwear. I have already sorted my outfits for next week but this is general ideas because most of the things I have to wear are no longer on sale but I will post pictures of each outfit from Monday to Friday. On a more negative note I fell over today; like properly fell over. I know! How embarrassing. I'm going for work experience next week which is a huge step into adulthood/maturity and then I do something stupid and childish like falling over and grazing my chin, my lip, my hands, my knee, and cutting all up my arm (yes, I am vying for your sympathy just a little.) I was out for a run this morning and I fell over whilst running down a hill on a path covered in stones. Nice one, Soph, nice one. So I have proof. Exercise is dangerous. Unfortunately I will continue because I'm going to Portugal for three weeks this summer and that perfect bikini body is not just going to magic itself into existence...
Pretty Passion


  1. I love your first collage! It is very inspiring and very interesting to look at! Did you use an app to create it? Right now I am using Polyvore to create outfits and some of my posts.

  2. Actually I didn't use an app I just went old school and printed off pictures then user scissors and glue :) polyvore is good though as is asos fashion finder but the annoying thing about polyvore is that not all the images come up properly if they are too complicated like the ones in the collage here :) xxxxx

  3. Exercise is dangerous, lol. By the way, we carry a lot of the same items in our bags. :)


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