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Triple Treat

The pre-fall collections are out and the fashion world has for the most part decided their favourites. There have been reflections of spring/summer ready-to-wear and autumn/winter ready-to-wear. In recent years the importance of these half way collections has grown and they have become a huge part of the fashion industry. They are not bringing the seasons out of sync which is why some people are sceptical about these collections but they are just as much a form of creative output as the main season's shows. These collections keep the fashion industry on their toes rather than leaving everything to collect cobwebs in the months between each season. In some cases, these often smaller shows are better than the major ones. The feeling is more intimate and they always appear less commercialised than the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections which is nice as it feels personal then and they are left more open to interpretation. Fashion is all about change and the growth in the resort collections is one of those changes therefore it should be embraced, not disapproved of. Here are my favourites from the recent cluster of collections;

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1. Chanel
Now, I love Chanel but I did feel slightly disappointed after the autumn/winter 2012-13 ready-to-wear collection because it left me feeling a bit empty. Sure, you could hardly call it lack lustre but is Karl Lagerfeld even capable of doing anything lack lustre? I think not. Nevertheless I didn't think it was anything particularly special; at least not compared to other Chanel collections like this one. I nearly cried watching this show on my laptop. It is just so beautiful; a real piece of art that shows juxtaposition between the beautiful views in the Versailles garden with the Marie Antoinette details and the creepers, the hair, the attitudes and the music (M.IA. and Azelia Banks.) It was beautiful and picturesque but with attitude so it reflected Marie Antoinette in many ways. Live fast die young/Bad girls do it well seems to have some sort of a Marie Antoinette hint to it. The pastel hair and the creepers made for a Nicki Minaj meets hipster theme but the luxurious fabrics and the decadence add the touches of pre-revolution France. Like the most recent Chanel couture show there was a great presence of blue and like many a spring/summer ready-to-wear show the pastels were out on parade. I have a feeling that this trend might be sticking around for a while. Chanel's pre-fall collection had something that the other two below do not have and that is a show. Regardless of whether you attend the show or not I always feel that the show makes the overall appearance of the collection better; especially at Chanel where Karl Lagerfeld's ideas for these said shows are legendary. In the past there have been ice sculptures, aeroplanes and now we have a magnificent garden. Placing these outfits in a creative world makes them all the more beautiful. They are hardly being inserted into real life situations most of the time but to really see the way the designer's mind has thought out the collection there needs to be a fashion show extravaganza to finalise each thought process that the design team have been through and at that point I think everything becomes more than just clothes. You can then connect on a more personal level.

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2. Marc Jacobs
The Marc Jacob's resort collection has a quirky, botanical feel. Each dress brings with it a bucket full of personality. There is definitely a sense of geek chic entwined into the idea; with bold patterns and clunky shoes. There was a play with prints and proportions and an essence of costume that came with that. The exploration of fun and dress up is omnipresent as Marc Jacobs resort 2013 was not about playing it safe but taking chances with florals, stripes, polka dots and tartans all in one outfit; preferably a midi or maxi dress with chunky shoes as well as bright eye shadow and twisted hair. Although the models look towards the camera with no emotions on their faces in the collection's pictures, there is still that feeling of joy that comes with the outfits. It is one that reminds us of how fun fashion can be and how it can make us smile. It is intriguing and daring and ever so tempting to try out and see what varied reactions you will get. It has some '70s aspects to it; the bursts of colour, the platforms. However it also appears to play with the idea of an era before that (the '40s perhaps?) where women tied their hair back prettily and rarely wore dresses that went above the knee but still knew how to and were allowed to have a good time once the war was over. That is what this collection is all about; having a good time. Your body is your canvas. Drape it in experimental clashing patterns and have a good time.

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3. ALICE by Temperly
ALICE by Temperly always exudes a more youthful charm and this collection was all about feminine styles and was very much more wearable than the previous collections I have mentioned. There are looks for evening parties, garden parties, weddings, shopping, chilling out and dinner dates. The versatility is almost endless. Although the creativity is definitely there (hello? white fascinators that looks sort of like bunny ears) it is less of a form of art than Chanel or Marc Jacobs but that is instead replaced with practical elegance. Classy and sophisticated is what every outfit is. However, they are not all formal. As mentioned, some are simple enough to wear going shopping or chilling out at home. It reminds me of high street fashion and is quite refreshing. Although I love clothes like those in the Marc Jacobs collection it is somewhat like a breath of fresh air to see outfits that I can not only imagine myself wearing but my friends too. I probably would create a Marc Jacobs look-a-like outfit and I think I would just die from happiness if I could have the entire Chanel pre-fall collection however, I would probably get more wear out of these ALICE by Temperly clothes. The colours are mostly muted pinks, creams, whites, blacks and browns. However, not dull; this collection is not dull at all.

Which latest collections are your favourites?

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  1. I think Alice by Temperly is my definite favorite from these three :)


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