Saturday, 28 July 2012

Summer Mani/Pedi

It never feels great to wear sandals without well kept toe nails and it seems strange not to have painted nails in summer. However, I just have not got round to a summer mani/pedi but I decided to get going on my manicure last night before and during the Olympic opening ceremony. I did my pedicure this morning in a bit of a rush so skipped the foot spa bit but if you have more time then follow all the steps below; starting with the manicure:

Step 1) Stick on some music (you could use the summer playlist to the right of this post.)

Step 2) Choose your favourite summer shade. I'm just loving a kind of glacier blue meets mint green in the form of Barry M 'blue moon.'

 Hmm... which one to choose??? I was going to put them in rainbow colour order but then realised that would take up a lot of time when it's really quite a pointless task. I bought a Canon 1100D today so these photographs are looking more dapper than they would be normally. I love it so so much; best early birthday present everrrrrr. SKJDAHBFEWGHEKR. I'm on top of the world right now just thinking about it!!!!!

Aah, I know. I'll choose Barry M 'blue moon.' I bought this just for this summer because this is my favourite summer colour this year. It matches the pastel trend, I have a dress to match and it is so light that it should go with pretty much everything.

Oh, wait, I guess I need to be practical and use a basecoat and topcoat...Or not because both have run out and I can't even open the top because it's got all sticky. Better add clear nail polish to my shopping list. Does anyone recommend any brand in particular? 

Step 3) Aa, aa, aa; do not start painting yet. Give your hands a nice soak in a bowl of warm water to refresh and revitalise. Then file, clip and buff if need be. 

Step 4) Now you can paint them. Remember, base coat, nail polish (1-3 coats; I have to do 3 with this nail polish. Barry M is usually 2 but this is quite a pale colour so three is necessary) then add a top coat so that your favourite colour stays all summer. The Christmas before last I went through a phase of painting my nails every day to match my outfit but then they got yellow tinted because I was always painting them then removing it then painting then removing which can't be any good for your nails. Maybe one day they'll invent a nail polish that changes daily...

Step 5) Use some hand cream to make your clean, painted hands silky smooth et voilĂ  you have a perfect summer manicure. Feel free to do something more adventurous than just one colour. I like doing French manicures with different colours (eg. red tip and orange nail looks a little like a sun set) and last year I tried out some crackle polish but I would not recommend Barry M's crackle polish for it hasn't worked very well for me.

Here's the finished product and some random photos with my nails in that I took on my new camera :))


Step 1) If you have a proper jacuzzi foot spa then use it but otherwise a tub of hot water is just as adequate. Soak your feet for ten to fifteen minutes. If you have oils to put in then use them. I have mint, rose and lemon and they're all delightful but rose is my favourite. 

Step 2) Choose your colours. I usually have my fingernails and toenails matching but do whatever feels right for you. Follow the same rules as you did for the manicure (base coat, 1-3 coats of polish and top coat.)

Step 3) Use exfoliating scrub on your feet to remove dry skin and to achieve silky smooth sandal ready feet.

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