Friday, 24 August 2012

Photo Diary: Portugal

Portugal was just out of this world; the sun, the sand, the sea. It was all so picturesque. I recommend visiting the Algarve because the beaches are beautiful and it is so, so hot with cool seas and an Atlantic breeze. The food is to die for as well with an array of beautiful sea food; sardines are the delicacy. But the meat (piri piri chicken and Portuguese style steak) is also divine. So put 'Go to the Algarve, Portugal' on your bucket list because you wouldn't want to miss out. 

My new summer hobby is photography. I love it! I would definitely recommend it as something fun to take up. I used to just take a few photos of friends and family when we went out but it's nice to look at everything more closely and get some interesting pictures from a unique perspective. I definitely haven't mastered it yet but I think I'm getting there. I'm so lucky to have got a Canon 1100D for my birthday; it certainly makes a difference to the photos even if that's only because you can enlarge them a lot without them blurring. I was snapping away for three weeks and here are the best results that sum up the wonderfulness of the holiday and mix in some outfits as well. 

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