Thursday, 30 August 2012

Seaside Style {English Coast}

If you live in England, you can easily do this on a day out to the beach: Dip your toes into the near-icy water but don't go too far in; it's cold. Perhaps it is a nice day like it was the last time that I visited Hastings but more likely than not it's one of the following:

  • Rainy
  • Cold 
  • Rainy
Now slip your shoes back on as you walk over the sharp pebbles (we'll assume that it's like most English beaches and has pebbles instead of sand.) If it's a nice day then feel free to have a quick sunbathe at this point but make sure you bring a towel because lying on hard pebbles is not a very pleasant experience most of the time. When you get up, sling your red Mulberry bag over your shoulder and head towards the ice cream/candy floss/fairground rides/2p machines: whatever takes your fancy. I usually go to all four at some point when I visit the seaside. A nice picnic on the beach will do perfectly for lunch. If it's raining? Keep calm and carry on. A wicker basket and a tartan mat at the beach go together like strawberries and cream at Wimbledon. A couple of sandwiches, fondant fancies and some cloudy lemonade make a quaint crew. But no, I haven't forgotten about the classic fish and chips; a must have for a day at the English sea side like purple is a must have for autumn. As the evening cools, throw on a cardigan and scurry across to a restaurant at the sea front. 

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  1. A day out on the beach sounds beautiful right about now. I love the red dress you featured in your Polyvore set.


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