Thursday, 30 August 2012

Seaside Style {Private Island}

Dream this: you step off your private yacht and your Giuseppe Zanotti flip flops touch the hot sand, protecting your pedicured to perfection feet.The beach is empty. A vast length of white sand stretches out along the coastline. The palm trees stand tall, proud, neatly just beyond. Beyond that you can see your villa in all its glory. You walk slowly over to your sun bed and stretch; another day of sunbathing. One of your servants approaches with a Martini on a tray; your favourite. This satisfies your thirst as you stare through your Dior sunnies out to the sea that shimmers like thousands of people taking a photograph with millisecond intervals between each shot. But there is no one here to photograph you now.You are away from the paparazzi and other daily stresses surrounded by your favourite friends and family members. On your private island you're untouchable.

As this is a fantasy we might as well go all out with the wealth thing so a Dolce and Gabbana swimsuit, Dior sunglasses, Chanel lipstick and nail polish, Giuseppe Zanotti flip flops, Louis Vuitton bag, Lanvin wide brim hat, Chloe top and a Thakoon skirt. Aah, perfect. If this is not a fantasy for you but reality and you can actually afford all this on top of a private island with servants then lend me a million, pretty please.

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