Monday, 24 September 2012

Supermodel Revelation

Revelation #1 Most of them do actually eat

When people talk about eating disorders they often name the number one cause to be fashion magazines. Due to the issue being highlighted several times it can now be damaging for the model's career if they are suspected to have an eating disorder. I know that Vogue recently signed an agreement saying that they will not feature models in the magazine who are known to have an eating disorder. Also, an agreement a few years ago from the British Fashion Council for the treatment towards models stated that they are to be educated on eating disorders. The fashion industry will probably always be dominated by skinny women but boundaries are being broken more and more now and prejudices are fading slightly. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible to be skinny and healthy at the same time but healthy diet and exercise is the way no achieve this. Starving yourself has actually proven to be very ineffective for weight loss. Isabelle Caro is a model and actress who died from anorexia in 2010. She was in the recovery process and one day even wanted to try to have children. When you Google successful models her name does not come up but when you Google anorexia it does. She was part of a controversial campaign in which she modelled naked showing how dangerous and eventually unattractive it is to starve yourself. The images of her are quite disturbing

Revelation #2 They have children

Lots and lots of successful models have children. They are not so worried about their figure that they avoid it altogether. In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Rosie Huntington-Whitely said that her biggest ambition was "to be a working mum" and it seems that a lot of other models have the same idea and you can be a model and a mother at the same time.

Revelation #3 They are not superbitches 

Karlie Kloss is probably the most successful model out there at the moment. has rated her second in the world, after Joan Smalls. I remember reading an interview she did with Teen Vogue when I was twelve. It was before all her major success. She was sixteen and I think it might have been just after the launch of Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume launch. My friend saw the cover photo and gasped about how pretty she was. She also seemed like a very nice person. She was making cookies then and still is to this day and now it is the trademark that pretty much everyone who has ever heard of Karlie knows about. In Teen Vogue sixteen year old Kloss looked so sweet and innocent. Now she is often made up for tougher looks and this just shows the versatility of the supermodel. I have a definite level one girl crush on Karlie (hey, who am I kidding I have a crush on her on all the levels.) She is just an example. I'm sure there are plenty of lovely models out there because, let's be honest, if they were entirely horrible they would get no jobs. It is an industry that you have to be thick skinned for but that doesn't mean you have to be a superbitch-diva-primadonna-bimbo-dramaqueen stereotype.

Revelation #4 You (yes, you) could know one (or become one)

Most successful models are scouted during their early to mid teenage years so if you are a teenage girl you or your friends could still be scouted. Generally the starting height for a catwalk model is around five foot nine but Kate Moss is only five foot seven and sometimes it varies a little. Someone I go to school with is about six foot and she has been scouted by agencies quite a few times but declined. Another girl I go to school with entered this year's Elite Model Look competition and was one of the winners. She is only fifteen so missed out on this year's London Fashion Week but knows lots of the models there. My friends are trying to encourage me to enter a competition next year because I need to grow like an inch or two more to meet most height requirements. I hear that a lot of model agencies are at Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Live and they scout loads of people then invite you to a free photo shoot where they find out if you really have the potential. Always look your best when you go out, next time it could be you...
Kate Moss was scouted by Storm Model Agency at an airport so you can find scouts round there too so no velour tracksuit and UGG combos!

Revelation #5 They can definitely be smart

Lily Cole dispels the bimbo stereotype with as much beauty and elegance as Karlie Kloss dispels the super-bitch stereotype. Although causing controversy in 2008 by posing nude in French Playboy (I think the fact that it was French makes it all seem so much more classy and artistic) she has the brains and the beauty (bitch!) In June 2011 she was awarded a double first in History of Art at Cambridge University. 

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