Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Couture Preview

Riccardo Tisci, creative director at Givenchy, seems like such a lovely man. He understands how much care and time goes into producing couture pieces as he watches the passionate, well trained, talented seamstresses as they work. Couture doesn't sell in great quantities and it is expensive to make but it is like the fine art of the fashion world. Without it there would not be such a buzz surrounding the fashion industry because with couture you know that someone has dedicated a lot of their time to each garment and that is special; it's personal. Even if you just understand 5% of the atmosphere, the vision, the work of a couture collection it's enough to inspire, make a bad day good and put butterflies in your stomach.
This year's Givenchy "'60s and gypsies" inspired couture collection was not shown on a runway. Tisci wanted it to be personal, for his few clients who are lucky enough to afford couture. The intricacy cannot be analysed as much when a model struts down a runway as the outfit has gone in a minute and the full artistic beauty cannot be fully appreciated. This kind of viewing also means that the clients who do not wish to be photographed attending fashion shows can retreat to somewhere much more private and personal.

After working at the fashion house for seven years, Tisci is becoming a real pioneer in modern couture and he has some modern views and visions to support this honorary title:

Riccardo Tisci Vogue Interview Quotes

"It doesn't matter whether a person is skinny or fat, black or white. We live in the twenty first century and it's not about blue eyes, blonde hair. I love that too but for me it's about personality."

"Some people are rich, others are poor. Lifes always been like that. I can't afford couture."

I love how he does not only say how appearance doesn't really matter that much but adds that "we live in the twenty first century" because it's true that this is a modern frame of mind and the way forwards, as much in fashion as in every other aspect of the world. Tisci made this comment because all his couture models were black. It all depends on the designer's vision. Tisci also said, "A Giorgio Armani woman, a Chanel woman, a Calvin Klein woman, they are all different. So why use the same models?"

I also love his dismissal of any social injustice that couture may play a part in. Sure, some people are rich and other people are poor. The world has always been like that and probably always will be unless everywhere is taken over by Communism. Riccardo also says, "Good for them" about rich people being able to afford couture. It is true that they are supporting the fashion house by doing so because without the world's multi millionaires the future of couture would be very shaky because the clothes are expensive to produce. As long as the rich do their bit to help out the poor and buy couture and other luxuries afterwards, what more can we ask from them?


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