Saturday, 20 October 2012

Little Black Jacket Exhibition Comes to London

Last Sunday I had a dream of a day. It started with taking a trip to the Saatchi gallery in London where the Little Black Jacket exhibition by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld arrived from Tokyo on Thursday. The opening on Thursday evening included the likes of both Lagerfeld and Roitfeld sharing cocktails (OK, I'm not actually sure if there were cocktails but they help set the scene and it seems like the sort of event that would have cocktails but Karl, when you read this, correct me if I'm wrong) with the likes of Keira Knightley and Edie Campbell. I can't believe they forgot to invite me! As my invite for last Thursday obviously got lost in the post I decided to go on Sunday instead. I can't believe I have never been to the Saatchi gallery before. It's fabulous. You are greeted by a fountain and a tall column saying 'Saatchi gallery'
and a slab about some of the current exhibitions
We went round the gallery systematically (starting in gallery 1) and the photography was amazing. There were lots of art students or perhaps just some generally artistic people scattered across the clean pale wooden floor sketching and I made a promise to myself to try to be more artistic. This time next year I'm going to try to be good enough to attempt to blend in with these somewhat bohemian super cool hipster arty type people but I'll probably come out with something like this

(take a minute to get over my excellent Paint skills) As an interpretation of this (a photograph that I LOVE and saw today by the way)

I'm going to practice some drawing and maybe post it on here at some point. Don't laugh! The whole place just oozed an artistic vibe that was both hippie and sophisticated. By the time we got to gallery 4 we had climbed up the stairs and been faced with a dimly lit room with perhaps the most wonderful photographs of them all. Surrounded by beautiful people in even more beautiful jackets I proceeded to take notes on the best stylings. Alexa went for denim on denim in that chic bohemian way of hers whilst Carine Roitfeld looked like a modern day Chanel with a hat, pearls, an LBD, white bangles on each wrist and a pair of metal scissors. It is not just an exhibition of sum peeple in sum jakettes. It is about identity and finding yourself through a sartorial medium. You could analyse each outfit like you would analyse a novel in an English class. Take Elisa Sednaoui for example. She paired her classic Chanel piece with a big white tutu; an attention grabbing piece that could suggest her success as she is a model, actress and director. However, the balletic tone reminds us that she is still only twenty four although she has accomplished a lot in her not so long life so far. Tild Swinton went for a more conservative look with her buttoned up little black jacket over a black poloneck. 
How would you wear your little black jacket?
Another great thing about this exhibition is that it is not exclusive. Although situated in a posher part of London, the gallery is admission free. Although the little black jackets worn by the celebrities are Chanel anyone can pick up a look-a-like from somewhere as economically friendly as Primark and style it to show their personality. It was not an exhibition filled with an array of snobs looked down their noses at couture gowns but a celebration of an iconic piece that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. Chanel originally designed the little black jacket in 1916 (almost one hundred years ago!) and it rose to popularity when Chanel reopened after the Second World War in the '50s. 

Natalia Vodianova: Little Black Jacket

Dolce Gabbana silk blouse

H m

Boucle jacket
£22 -


Chanel vintage jewelry

Matthew williamson

H m

Kirsten Dunst: Little Black Jacket

Leopard print top

Leopard top

Fringe jacket
£22 -

Chanel tweed jacket

Azzedine Alaia black skirt
£2,055 -

River Island black skirt

Feather hair accessory

Hair clip accessory
£8.71 -

Dakota Fanning: Little Black Jacket

Valentino lace sweater
£1,230 -

Floral shirt
£19 -

Plus size jacket
£22 -

Chanel jacket

Lanvin long skirt
£2,650 -

Long pleated skirt
£21 -

Marni studded bag
£850 -

Vintage handbag
£22 -

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