Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Show-Stopping Style

1) Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is sensational. I think that is the one word in the English speaking world that even begins to aptly sum up the international superstar. Of course a concoction of every amazing word mixed with the word crazy and also with added screams of amazement at the end would best sum up the performer. She is the JK Rowling of the music industry. That is given that they have both had phenomenal success in their chosen field and some universities offer Lady Gaga degrees and Harry Potter degrees!

She has shocked and, quite frankly, scared the nation with her wild, wacky and wonderful outfits that have secured her a firm placement in music history. She seems to convey a lot of personalities, like any skilled performer, so is hard to figure out. Recently she published untouched photographs of herself in her underwear with no make up on to symbolise all that she stand for; which is being true to yourself. A sold principle, is it not?

Some people don't like Gaga and I think that's because they just don't understand her. I'm not a super mega fan or anything but when people in the future look back at my generation she will probably be one of the pinnacles of our time which makes her a sensational person for achieving so much.

What can we learn from Lady Gaga?

  1. We were born this way
  2. Be a monster (in a nice way)
  3. Don't be afraid to be who you are
  4. Dress as crazily as you want
  5. Just dance!
The infamous meat dress worn to the 2010 VMAs is probably Gaga's most famous outfit to date.
Gaga likes to play around with character inspired costumes. See above and below:

Structured pieces including shoulder pads and geometric peplums are a popular choice for Gaga when performing. Note the quirky shades and gloves. Accessories are always important.

2) Beyonce

If there is anyone bigger than Gaga on the planet right now, that would be Beyonce. So when they announced a collaboration on Telephone I was like "wow." I'm not a super fan of either but something with both in would have to be spectacular. And it was. Especially due to the controversial video that was cut short and deemed as inappropriate by YouTube. There is nothing like controversy to sell singles.

Beyonce's huge Single Ladies hit was followed by a list of parodies almost as long as the list of parodies created by Ke$ha's Tik Tok. These included a fat man, Joe Jonas and a fake Barak Obama voting song. The video and dance moves are almost Michael Jackson's Thriller scale famous. Black leotards will never be the same again. Beyonce and her two backing dancers offer some major fitspo and thinspo for us girls and some nice eye candy for the guys.

Beyonce's style is definitely less in your face than Gaga's but in the Telephone video she definitely went Gaga style crazy. I did wonder what direction they would go in and I love how Beyonce seemed to have a YOGTWWLGO  vision during filming. YouOnlyGetToWorkWithLadyGagaOnce. Unless your Beyonce then you can do whatever the hell you want. Perhaps there is another collaboration on the cards for the future?

Beyonce is like a gift to the world tied with a bow (so cheesy haha)  
Those gold people are super scary but this shows that Beyonce is not afraid to go all out whilst on stage.
Beyonce has pins to be proud of so she loves to show them off on stage. It's all the dancing that does it!

Things we can learn from Beyonce:

1. It is totally cool to be a single lady
2. Wear clothes that flatter your figure and that fit well
3) Sexy and feminine dresses are not boring
4) Pick your accessories tastefully and stylishly

3) Rihanna

Rihanna is another international superstar. So into fashion is this mega celeb that she even has her own fashion TV show, Styled to Rock where undiscovered yet talented designers compete to design for Rihanna herself. Along the way they have designed and will be designing outfits for Pixie Lott, Rizzle Kicks, The Saturdays, The Scissor Sisters and Katy Perry.

Rihanna's style is very versatile. She can do street, glam and wacky. Street demonstrated on the show with her straight blonde hair and snap back caps. Glam demonstrated by glitter and metallics. Wacky in shimmers and tassels. 

Rihanna likes to wear a lot of black and leather look materials on stage. Like her song, so S&M. This outfit actually looks really uncomfortable around the, er, crotch area. If you have been watching Styled to Rock then you will know about the emphasis on comfort when designing for something to be worn on stage.
Here, Rihanna accentuates her tiny waist with a belt. Leather trousers, stilettos and bralet continue the dominatrix theme.
I chose to add this look because it kind of ties together the side of Rihanna's stage style that we have discussed so far. Not the classiest of styling and a little scary even but when you're a worldwide superstar and you're out to make the headlines it seems so fabulous.

Here Rihanna displays a slightly more 'normal' style but still showing a lot of skin. Meanwhile, the fish net tights emphasize her regular stage look.

Things we can learn from Rihanna

1. Off stage Rihanna's style is more toned down which shows that you can still dress casually but look well put together. Even dress it up a little with jeans and heels instead of jeans and trainers. 
2. Accessorize with everything.
3. Don't be afraid to dress sexily if the occasion permits it. That Canadian police officer didn't know what he was talking about. 
4. Black Leather. This is a big trend this season so go for it. Look to Rihanna for inspiration.
5. Don't Stop the Music 

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