Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bill Cunningham New York

Reviews on Richard Press's award winning documentary have probably been overdone on fashion blogs nearly as much as personal style photos featuring Chanel handbags but right now I am watching it and feeling so innovative and inspired that I just HAVE to create something. Anything. This just could not wait until Saturday for Pretty Passions. I am not entirely sure where I am even going with this and it certainly will not be one of my better posts but I just have to write about this.

So, Bill Cunningham. Where do I begin? I just spent like ten minutes talking to my mum about him and I think I bored her a bit. I feel another Coco Chanel scale obsession coming along: AGGHH. He has been cycling round New York City for 50 years and at 83 years old he is still going. I just love old people that have so much passion and love what they do so much that they just keep going and refuse to retire. He is a very humble man; in fact, almost annoyingly so. He is like those children that win the Pride of Britain Awards that just make you feel like such a horrible personI will try my very best to be nice to everyone starting now, promise. He stopped working with Women's Wear Daily when they used his outfits for hot or not lists because he cared so much about the women's feelings as they might see their outfits on the not list and be upset and offended. HE HAS NEVER HAD A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP. OK, now I feel like I'm being a bit mean already by being too judgemental but I do find his dedication to his work peculiar but ever so fascinating. He has been in an in depth love affair with fashion for 50 years. Kinda makes me feel a bit better about not having had a romantic relationship at 15

He never cares about the guest list at parties but about what charity the party is raising money and awareness for. He didn't start taking photos in colour until the late '90s because he did not have enough money to produce them. Whilst on the topic of money-

Just cutting myself off there because the documentary has just finished and I feel like crying. Oh my God, I'm such a weirdo but you know when you just feel so overwhelmed? No, OK, just me then...

Continuing, whilst on the topic of money, Cunningham rarely like to accept any money from the people he works for because he believes that once you accept money from someone you have to do what they say and you have your creativity somewhat taken away. He lives in a tiny apartment in Carnegie Hall that doesn't even have a bathroom or kitchen! There is a communal bathroom outside his apartment. Saying this, I'm not entirely sure if he still lives there because they were going to get rid of the artists' studios when some of the people have lived there for like 60 years. And guess what they were gonna do?? Turn them into offices! Seriously, WHAT THE F***. Why turn these amazing art studios from amazing people into...dull, boring, offices? Who needs offices anyway? Er, everyone...

His apartment is out of this world. Have you seen how many fashion books this guy owns? I would be perfectly happy to live in a tiny apartment if I could spend the money I saved on the apartment buying fashion books and magazines. Forget the crazy cat lady, I'll be the crazy Vogue lady. I might need to buy my own apartment soon because my Vogue archive is getting a little out of control.He jokes that one day they will all fall on him but I wouldn't mind dying under a pile of fashion books or maybe dying first then having the books fall on me because death by getting crushed sounds pretty god damn painful but overall I think dying with lots of books on top of you sounds like a rather cool, solid way to leave this world.

Also, he goes to Church every Sunday which is virtually all he has time for apart form work and has a French accent similar to mine (let's just say it's not as amazing as his street style but I find it easier to understand then when actual French people speak French.) He says he loves what he does which is kind of a no brainer given that he has been doing it for fifty years.

I am totally inspired to wear something really WEIRD to go shopping and meet my cousin tomorrow. I might try and take some photos of people but outside of London there never seem to be so many innovative dressers (apart from me, blatantly; haha jk lol<<I'm a freak) and I think I'll just get shouted at because British people don't tend to be as sociable with strangers as Americans so I'm a bit scared :O. Tomorrow I'll try to post a photo or two or ten (depending on the weather and how long I want to stand outside for) of my outfit. I'm planning to buy this tweed jacket as my Christmas present. AAAHH Christmas; under 5 weeks away; bet you can't wait for me to make my blog theme all festive and lovely.

Like I often say with my wordy posts; major congrats if you got this far. Please make sure you comment. I'd like to know at least one person has read this rambling of a post. I'm really surprised I wrote this much; had major writer's block when I started. OK, I'm going to go now, bye x

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