Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Scarf Shock {Part One}

I had to split this into parts because I just had too many super-duper interesting things to write about ;)

My Scarf Story

I remember doing ballet for a while. I started when I was four and stopped when I was five or six because, let's be honest, I was ABSOLUTELY HOPELESS. We have a video of my performance; half the time I am standing still and picking my nose and the other half I am watching the others and then copying them a few seconds after they have finished that part of the routine. I genuinely was that one girl who made the rest look shit. One of the reasons I stuck the lessons out so long though was because of the pretty scarves that we got to wave around the room. I haven't just made this up because I like fashion now so it sounds like a nice story. My favourite part of every ballet class genuinely was choosing which colour and/or patterned scarf we wanted to run around the room holding. I can remember the smell of them to this day. My mum actually said that on my induction lesson I wanted to continue not because of the dances or the good toe/naughty toe routine but because of the scarves. 

Shocked by Scarves

We have now pretty much arrived at the time of year where scarves become so much more than just a chic accessory. They are pretty much essential if you do not want to contract a breed of nasty lergy-cold-flu-winter-chest-disease but that isn’t to say that they can’t look good. A scarf is a wonderful, versatile accessory. Worn as a necktie by most and worn tied round a bag, round the head, up the leg, used as a belt or to customise other items by the more creatively inclined. Here is my pick of the best of the best of the best for all occasions; 

Prints Charming- for shopping

The Inspiration:

-Street Style
-British High Street
-Street Style sections in magazines
-Street Style blogs (Face Hunter, The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman) 
-Personal Style blogs (Karla's Closet, Fashion Toast, Style Scrapbook) 
-Stylish people I see when I'm out shopping whose outfits I glare at longingly

Scarf Shock {Prints Charming}

Knit shawl
£50 - nastygal.com

Etro paisley scarve
£430 - mytheresa.com

Burberry shawl
£250 - stylebop.com

Lily and Lionel scarve
£97 - matchesfashion.com

Faith connexion
£90 - net-a-porter.com


Sacai Women's Silk Paisley Print Scarf | LN-CC

Delightfully Dotty- for driving


-Vintage head scarves
-Vintage head scarves flying in the wind
-Vintage head scarves flying in the wind in vintage cars 
-Polka dot vintage head scarves flying in the wind in vintage cars
- '40s road trips
- Vintage films with couples driving through the countryside and falling in love on a summer's day

Scarf Shock {Delightfully Dotty}

French Connection polka dot scarve
£13 - usa.frenchconnection.com

Polka dot scarve
£33 - asos.com


Vintage scarve

Polka dot scarve

French Connection polka dot scarve
£13 - usa.frenchconnection.com

People Tree oversized scarve

Dorothy Perkins oversized scarve
£12 - dorothyperkins.com

French Connection polka dot scarve
£13 - usa.frenchconnection.com

£61 - theoutnet.com

White Stuff white shawl

Polka dot scarve

Polka dot scarve

Black shawl
£30 - styletread.com.au

Gothic Beauty- for a dinner party


-Stylish goths like Mariana from Courtesan Macabre
-Sophisticated dinner parties that never seem as sophisticated in real as they do in films and on TV
-A Pretty Little Liars party that's expensive and beautiful but people die and secrets are unburied :O

Scarf Shock {Gothic Beauty}

Alexander mcqueen scarve

Thomas Wylde silk scarve
£320 - jades24.com

Givenchy square scarve
£420 - barneys.com

Crafted skull scarve

By malene birger

Crafted skull scarve

Alexander mcqueen scarve
£425 - cultstatus.com.au

Givenchy square scarve
£420 - barneys.com

Stephan Schneider Steel Scarf
£130 - openingceremony.us

Stephan Schneider Balcony Scarf
£125 - openingceremony.us

The Sophisticate- for ladies luncheon 


-Country Clubs
-Sharpay Evans

I got a little sidetracked at this point. I mentioned that Sharpay Evans from MY FAVOURITE MOVIE EVER (I'm kidding guys, I watched it all the time in year 6 to try and fit in though!) was one of the inspirations for this and here she is. On the page I got the image from was a quiz to find out which HSM character you are so obviously I had to take it! I was Troy: 'you are perceived as perfect: good-looking, intelligent and athletic. Girls want to date you and guys want to be like you. Secretly, you wish you didn't have to follow the pack. You set a good example to others and are kind to everyone.' It's a rubbish quiz by the way; virtually none of that is true but it's quite a flattering fantasy, apart from the following the crowd bit, I wouldn't want to do that.

Scarf Shock {The Sophisticate}

McQ by Alexander McQueen silk shawl
£195 - matchesfashion.com

Stella mccartney
£245 - mytheresa.com

Balenciaga silver shawl
£310 - balenciaga.com

Valentino square scarve
£120 - yoox.com

Leopard scarve
£19 - boohoo.com

Dorothy Perkins pink shawl
£13 - dorothyperkins.com

Ted baker
£69 - tedbaker-london.com

Fendi silk shawl
£82 - pret-a-beaute.com

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