Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Staying Warm this Winter


Keeping warm is essential in the winter months. Let jumpers (along with hot drinks, heating and onesies) help you through. And, hey, these said jumpers can even more posh and stylish with pretty embellishments but who really wants a jumper like that when you can have something a little more love worn; more personal. After all, both oversize and 'frumpy-Christmas-gift-from-grandma' jumpers are still very much in. 

I love the clashy colours of River Island's Chelsea Girl; especially the bright orange jumper. It suits the more eccentric side to my style. I also ADORE Emma Cook's collection for Topshop. A pastel jumper with an owl on it; what could possibly be more innovative and invigorating? 

Ombre for all you indie-hipster-bohemian chicks out there (lol.) But, yeah, ombre is hot to trot as are cable knits for a snug, winter, stay at home feel. Embellishments take a jumper from day to evening. Just add a pair of heels and a leather skirt and you are good to go.

Jack Wills do darling cashmere jumpers (probably the label's best item, I find everything else rather ill fitting so am not a huge fan to be honest.) Oh and look, I found an amazing new bargain online retailer that does some super duper fabulous items. It's called fashionunion.com.

My ideal winter weekend would be to snuggle up in my Jack Wills jumper with a mug of chai tea and Vogue, listening to Fairytale of New York and then whacking on A Muppet Christmas Carol. Hell, I'm so doing this on Christmas Eve Eve. It's a date. With myself. I'll have to cancel those dozens of Christmas parties that people are begging me to go to. That was sarcasm by the way, you guys.

And on Christmas Eve I will go to a carol concert dressed in my Dolce and Gabbana look alike red and creme Christmas reindeer jumper dress. AGGGHHH. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
Keeping Warm {Jumpers}

Miss selfridge
£41 - missselfridge.com

Miss selfridge
£42 - missselfridge.com

Miss Selfridge cable knit sweater
£34 - missselfridge.com

Dorothy Perkins long sweater
£17 - dorothyperkins.com

Knit top
£75 - topshop.com

Jack Wills cable knit sweater
£61 - jackwills.com

Knit sweater


Dorothy perkin
£34 - dorothyperkins.com

£62 - topshop.com

River island

Jack will
£92 - jackwills.com

Knitted Flower Bead Jumper
£72 - topshop.com

Navy ostrich jumper
£22 - dorothyperkins.com

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Reviews

Galaxy- 4/5
This is really yummy but high in calories for what it is. I'd rather eat actual chocolate than drink it.

Options- 5/5
There are so many variations of this. My favourite is the white chocolate but I've tried all of them including hazelnut  coconut, Turkish delight and chocolate brownie. They are delicious and low calorie too.

Aero- 3/5
This always just reminds me at school and when I'm all snuggled up and comfy at home, I don't want to be reminded of school. I like Aero chocolate and apparently their hot chocolate is so bubbly but I'm just not tasting those bubbles.

Cadbury's- 4.5/5
I love Cadbury's hot chocolate with milk and it's the one I've grown up with but I don't like it much when it's make with water. Eugh.


Breakfast Tea 4/5
A classic but a bit boring. I have mine with milk no sugar.

Chai Tea 5/5
This is amazing and it reminds me of the time I went to the Isle of Wight on holiday with my friend in September. It's cinnamon flavoured but not strongly. Add a drop of milk and keep the tea bag in for the best combination.

Green Tea, Camomile and Fruity Teas 0/5
Yuck. I hate these.

Green Tea with Jasmine 5/5
I know green tea's good for your health but I don't like it much so I thought I'd try it with a bit of jasmine and I love this. 

Peppermint Tea 4/5
Before I became a big tea drinker this was the only tea I liked. It reminds me of being on holiday in the summer because I think it's so refreshing when it's hot.

Earl Grey 5/5
Sometimes this isn't 5/5 worthy but when you put it in a clear tea pot and drink it in a clear mug with so milk whilst watching Desperate Housewives with your mum in the summer holidays then it is the epitome of perfection.


White Coffee 3/5
This is usually what I have with a bowl of porridge in the mornings. It wakes me up but isn't too strong. I don't have it with sugar.

Latte 4.5/5
I used to drink these all the time and at school I always bought a 'Friday latte.' Now, however, I have a Nescafe latte machine at home so I have them out less often. That and I also read that one latte a day for a year adds on 10lbs to your weight which sounds like it could be a myth but scary. I always have skimmed milk with my drinks because I can't taste the difference.

Cappuccino 2/5
I don't like this. Too strong.

Black Coffee 4/5
Although I avoid cappuccinos for how strong they are, I do like black coffee. After I read the 10lbs latte thing I switched to black coffee at school and the school one's really nice. I also drank a lot of this when revising for exams last summer.

Gingerbread Latte 5/5
STARBUCKS CHRISTMAS DRINKS ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER. They make life worth living just like Pretty Little Liars and Vogue does.

Toffee Nut Latte 3/5
Regardless of my above statement about Starbucks Christmas drinks, I do not like this one so much.


Er, yeah, turn them on if you don't want to get cold.
A few years ago our heating broke in January and I was so cold I moved out to live with my grandparents until we got it fixed!


You can get them absolutely everywhere this winter so there is no excuse for being cold at night. I have a furry leopard print one from Topshop. I prefer the ones without feet. Primark do a large array for bargain prices too or you can get one online and design your own.

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