Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winter Coats

Stay snug and stylish this season in coloured fur, biker jackets and duffle coats.

The cast of Disney Pixar's Monster's Inc are our new style icons this winter. Dress in coloured fur this December but keep it faux; we don't want any dead Sully's.

Winter Coats {Coloured Fur}

Juicy Couture feather coat
£310 -

Grey coat
£220 -

Short coat

The next film to take fashion inspiration from is Grease. Think of the T-Birds and Michelle Pfeiffer's plead for a 'Cool Rider' in Grease 2.
Winter Coats {Leather Jackets}

Wax jacket
£1,020 -

Rag bone motorcycle jacket
£995 -

Oasis leather jacket

Leather jacket
£94 -

Black leather coat
£67 -

Black leather jacket

Leather jacket
£24 -

Topshop is without a doubt the best place to go to for duffle coats. I have one that I bought in November last year and it lasted me through last winter and is lasting me well through this winter too. I'm wearing it for school at the moment. A couple of my friends have them too and find them just as amazing. If you can afford a Burberry one I'm sure they are just as lovely!
Winter Coats {Duffle Coats}

Burberry duffle coat
£670 -

Burberry duffle coat

Cape coat

Barbour wool coat

Duffle coat
£110 -

Wool coat
£110 -

Duffle coat
£110 -

Long coat
£61 -

Oasis coat

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