Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Vogue Apps

OK, so when I got my phone I literally searched Vogue in the app store and downloaded all the free search results. But which ones turned out to be worthwhile?


Teen Vogue Snapshot- I’ve used this a few times but have found it difficult to commit to any particular outfit posting site or app. I have Lookbook, Chictopia, WIWT, FashionFreax and probably a few more on top of that but the only place I ever really post my outfits on is this blog. I can’t be arsed to traipse all over the internet uploading photos.

Vogue Japan- I like this because it’s in Japanese (duh) and I get excited when I can read bits of it. I went to London last month and bought Japanese Vogue. A lot of it was in katakana so it was fun figuring out what it all meant. It was an issue about ‘20s fashion which was super cool because you probably know I love the ‘20s. I was disappointed by how westernised it was though. I know that Vogue originated in America but pretty much all the models in Japanese Vogue were white and every cultural review was about American music or films or books.

Vogue UK- I go on this almost every day. It just has the ‘news’ part of the Vogue website condensed into one incredibly easy to navigate app. When I’m bored on the bus travelling to school I check it and when I’m with my friend on the bus and we’re running late but it’s Tuesday Newsday (don’t ask) we find some news on there.

Vogue FNO- This year, this app just depressed me because I was in London on Fashion’s Night Out but only because it was my brother’s birthday so we went to TGI Friday’s for a meal but really I wanted to be in Karen Millen eating macaroons. Nevertheless, as I stared moodily at my phone screen, I realised that the app would have been very useful. It’s easy to use and has a great map of all the shops and you can find out which events are going on where whilst you are there which saves soar feet from wondering round aimlessly for four hours and means your whole evening can have some more purpose. FNO 2013 here we come!

Vogue China Gallery- by this point you have probably been reminded that I just searched vogue in the app store and downloaded all the free ones. Although I cannot understand the Chinese on this one it is one of the sleekest designed apps ever. I have just been browsing some pictures from a shoot with the cast of Gossip Girl. As it is a gallery, my lack of linguistic knowledge has not hindered its utility because it is completely photograph based and fashionable.

Vogue Japan Beauty- I don’t understand this one because it literally just leads you to the Vidal Sassoon website which makes the app a bit pointless. Maybe there's more to it but the point is that it isn't easy to use so not really worth downloading.

Vogue Paris- This app is really great...if you have at least a basic understanding of the French language. I am by no means fluent but I know a bit and enough to navigate my way through the articles and get the general gist of them. It's also a nice way to practice your French if you are learning without having to pay for Vogue Paris as an actual magazine. 

Vogue Stylist- One of the most interestingly useful parts to this app is that if you let it know your location it can tell you the weather and temperature in that location. Right now, where I am, I can here the wind howling as the rain beats down against my window. It then gives you beautiful, full screen photographs of the trends. These can be editorials or celebrities wearing the styles. It is all kept up to date; both topically and seasonally. For example, at the moment the trends are 'Blush Holiday', 'Holiday Red' and 'Black Tie Holiday.' According to Vogue Stylist, the Holiday Buy is a statement necklace which should be worn with point toe Louis XIV style court shoes, a rounded clutch and a cinched waist mini dress. On each photograph you can tap 'Get the Story' which is a short article about the trend or 'Get the Look' which shows you the items or similar to the ones in the shot. If you go to the bottom of the screen and tap 'Style a Look' you can select any product from an array of brands and it gives you an outfit (I like to imagine a miniature Lucinda Chambers or Grace Woodward inside my phone doing this.) Even if you do not have the exact clothing on there, you can find something similar to what you have in your own wardrobe and voila; no more outfit block, ever again. 

Vogue Wishlist- I have several problems with this app. Firstly, it only works on the September issue of American Vogue. Secondly, you have to scan the adverts to see what clothes are in them and it lets you shop them but I can't afford £5000 Louis Vuitton dresses. That was only two problems but I think that they are quite major problems. It somewhat shames me to admit that I don't own any American Vogue September issues but I found one last year and it was all tattered and I didn't want to pay an extortionate amount for a scruffy Vogue. Also, what about when you like something in the March issue and that ad will never be in any September issues? I'm going to delete this app. 

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