Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I would go out tonight but I haven't got a stitch to wear

The Smiths, Live in Hamburg, 1984

I haven't been able to shake The Smiths concerts I watched on YouTube last night out of my head all day. Morrissey's dancing, his hair, his flowers, his voice, his shirts. And Johnny Marr's cool guitar playing and dancing with Morrissey at the front of the stage during Andy Rourke's solo. I particular haven't been able to get over their performance of Still Ill. Morrissey's dance moves are classic and I love the part where he lies down and tosses and turns in the chorus. Stiiilllll Illlll. The next time I'm ill for two days in a row and my mum comes in in the morning to see how I am, I'm going to sing this and toss and turn like Morrissey does on stage. Only I won't have Johnny Marr standing over me like 'Get well soon' whilst playing guitar awesomely. If I had a time machine and I could go to one place I would travel to the front row of on of The Smiths' concerts. No questions asked. 

After watching almost the entire concert on YouTube I started searching for oversized '80s shirts. ASOS marketplace has a fabulous variety but I found the one above from Trashy Vintage on eBay and I really want to get it and wear it in the summer with only the bottom button done up with a bandeau underneath. I might get some white fabric paint and put random dots all over it so it looks more like Morrissey's. I'd wear it either with jeans or denim culotte shorts depending on how hot/cold it is. I will then pick up some cheap flowers from somewhere and stick them in the back of the shorts. Then add some Moz style glasses because he looks cute in glasses and a pair of classic '80s Doc Martens and I'll be good to go. To the park. To force ask my friends to take some photos of me.

Seriously though, Morrissey was so good live in the '80s. He said thank you to the crowd after almost every song. In the Hamburg concert in '84 the crowd were cheering 'Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey' and he just said, "does anyone have anything intelligent to say? No? OK" and then started the next song. Another time he shushes the crowd in a way that suggests he is almost embarrassed that they are cheering so much. In one of The Smiths concerts in Britain, everyone is throwing flowers at him when he sings and he's waving a flower about randomly.

Morrissey in more shirts:

Oh yeah, and when you're in this super cool Morrissey '80s inspired outfit you need to dance around lifting up your shirt and pulling down the shoulders singing, "I would go out tonight. But I haven't got a stitch to weeeaaaar." Nobody will know that you specifically bought clothes too big for you and you actually have a wardrobe of fitted clothing at home...

Get the Look:

Get the Look: Morrissey

Topshop heart shirt
£40 -

£195 -

Dr. Martens black booties

vtg 80s 90s neon PINK STUD COLLAR TIP FISHTAIL OVERSIZED shirt blouse...

You can also add lots of beaded necklaces and paint your nails black.


  1. he's so nice!!! in love with him :DDD

  2. MOZZZZ! he's had several concerts around my area but they're always on school nights or days when i can't go; it's a tragedy, really. that pink button up is perfect perfect perfect, this post is just wonderful.

  3. Love!!

  4. The Smiths are just awesome!!


  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments guys <3 I love you. I really need to share my love for The Smiths and Morrissey with other people via the internet because I don't know anyone in real life who loves them as much as I do. Morrissey's thinking of retiring next year but I hope he comes back to England for his final tour seeing as he started out here. I really, really want to see him live but he's only touring America this year x


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