Saturday, 26 January 2013

If I Were a Boy {An Ode to Tomboys}

Androgynous Icons

Coco Chanel

Of course, Coco is my favourite style icon. She was one of the first women to embrace wearing trousers. In an era where women were expected to wear restricting corsets and skirts that left little room to move around in, Chanel fought against this and wore practical clothing whilst straddling horses at Etienne Balsan's house in what was deemed an unladylike manner. Chanel invited in changes in women's rights and she demonstrated this through her wardrobe choices which is totally awesome because it shows that individually we can all make a difference to the world, one new item of clothing at a time. I think you probably need some intelligence to back it up because otherwise you'll be all like 'I change the world with fashion. Heeeheee' and just reinforcing the fashion bimbo stereotype. The Man Repeller and Rookie as well as all the Rookie inspired blogs are probably the most modern interpretations of this movement. 

Annie Hall

I watched this film because it's always voted one of the most fashionable films of all time. I didn't care much for the plot or the film in general but I love Diane Keaton's outfits as the character of Annie Hall, especially that famous chinos, black waistcoat, navy tie and white shirt combo. 

Freja Beha Erichsen

Freja seems like such a cool, laidback kind of person. Her style is traditional off-duty model. It includes lots of black military style ankle boots, skinny jeans, black biker jackets and plain t-shirts. She is a very androgynous character. Erichsen has done a few topless fashion shoots where the androgynous look is trying to be achieved because she is so flat chested and her brown wavy hair can look kind of Mick Jagger-y. 

If I Were a Boy

Patagonia zip hoodie
£63 -


T By Alexander Wang leather t shirt
£62 -

Striped t shirt

Tweed jacket

Black vest

Barbour wool coat

Dune wingtip shoes

TOMS navy espadrille

Converse sneaker
£35 -

Adidas mini handbag

Snapbacks hat

Harry Potter | Pop Culture
£22 -

Real Guys Whose Style I Admire*

*when I say real guys I mean celebrities/fictional characters/ legends

Ezra Fitz in Pretty Little Liars: The Teacher
Smart, fitted trousers
Classic novels
James Dean: The Rebel
Leather jackets
Bomber jackets
Joseph Gordon Levitt: Classic Style
Fitted clothing
Mixing Patterns
Mixing smart and casual
Good quality
Jack Kerouac: The Beat Generation
Short sleeved shirts
Tanned skin
Morrissey: The Musician
Oversized shirts
Creating this post made me realise how little I actually know about menswear and male style icons so I am going to make this March Menswear Month. However, I have a French exchange at the end of March so I won't be blogging for two weeks and I will celebrate my blog's 2nd birthday around Easter time.

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