Monday, 7 January 2013

In The Bleak Midwinter

In winter it is sometimes difficult to dress creatively without being cold. You could be wearing the most stunning, beautifully put together outfit in the whole wide world only to throw on a pair of chunky boots and a big duffle coat to survive the temperatures and consequently end up completely hiding this aforementioned awe inspiring look. Then you run the risk of looking boring and bland and like every other solemn faced human being trekking their way through the cold, winter months. However, there are solutions to this. Wear a midi skirt or dress that peaks out under a longer coat, wear exciting boots in bright colours and let's not forget hats and scarves and gloves. Christmas might be over so it feels like Narnia under the reign of the evil snow Queen only without the snow but that doesn't mean fashion has to get boring.
Images from tumblr.

It hasn't snowed yet where I live this winter but here are so photos of how I wrapped up last February to walk with the sledge and my mum and brother to go and see my grandparents on a day that had everyone singing 'walkin' in a winter wonderland.'

Now let us pay homage to the trusty winter accessories. Firstly, the hat. A versatile creature is the hat. There are so many different styles but rocking a straw boater in subzero temperatures will leave you with cold ears, not to mention the brisk northerly winds that will leave you chasing it down the road and then falling over in the ice and, eugh, yeah, not a good luck. How about the beanie or those hats with the long fluffy scarf bits (even better if they had pockets) or the ones you tie around your chin (like I'm wearing in the photos above; it's from Topshop by the way.)

get ahead, get a hat

Put some colour into a dull January morning with a fluffy hat because, why not? Perhaps your stylish hat endevours will even put a smile on someone's face. The more faux fur the better. One of these hats does have real fur but you can read my views on fur here. I NEED to get one of these cute hats with ears. Or you can go for a hipstaaa beanie.

Now for gloves. These are perhaps more essential than a hat because there is nothing worse than cold fingers in the morning.

I love the cute 'pow' mittens. This winter I like gloves that look like they belong to little kids. I think the background of this is cute. The bottom right picture is the alternative to keeping your hands warm but it's difficult to walk around all day with a mug of hot chocolate/tea/coffee. Gloves are much more practical.

Lastly, scarves. These can be worn all year round. Pick light fabrics in pastel shades with floral prints for spring and summer but go for something more like this for fighting off the sore throats in the bleak midwinter.

Line one consists or wintry pastels. The season'as trends can cross over more than just winter florals. They are thick and knitted to keep you warm.
I love tartan prints at the moment which I entirely blame/owe to the Chanel Scotland show. What I would give to have been there...
Then we just have some cool patterns like multi-coloured skulls, crosses and galaxies to take your imagination out of January and into more exciting realms.

If all else fails just don't leave the house until April. Just stay inside and blog or something.

Read my post on Staying Warm for more tips on winter dressing.

For a specific look at this year's coat trends go here.

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  1. I love your photos in the snow! Beautiful! It's so pretty - too bad it makes it so freakin' cold and is so hard to drive in. But you've managed to look really good despite the cold.

  2. I love those 'Pow' gloves. I'm not a winter fan, but I do get excited about the prospect of pulling all my fun winter accessories out of the depths of my wardrobe when the temperature starts to plummet.

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