Thursday, 10 January 2013

Parlez-vous francais?

Today I thought I'd share my French homework with you. No, wait there is a point relating to fashion et al. The homework was the reorganise our folders for inspection which I thought was bit stupid because we're all old enough now to sort out our own notes but apparently we're not and the teacher has to check that we are efficient and organised. My folder was broken, tatty, the dividers had fallen out and the sheets were all ripped. However, I've been doing well in French this year and am taking it for A Level next year. Nevertheless, I decided that this could be a fun mini project. So I bought a folder and some dividers on the way home from school yesterday and started thinking about French people and things that I liked and would inspire me to learn more French. Coco Chanel was a no brainer. I was thinking of her before I even knew I was supposed to be thinking of French things. Carine Roitfeld also features as well as Clemence Poesy, Audrey Tautou, Marie Antoinette and Garance Dore. I then have a scene from Mr Bean along the top, some Chanel quotes in French, some French phrases, the Eiffel Tower, Cinderella's Castle from Disneyland Paris, a street sign with Rue Cambon on, food and a Coco Avant Chanel screencap.

I have always certain French women's style. I realise that the idea of every French woman being as impeccably stylish as Chanel was an unrealistic idealism but the women I stuck on my folder are women that I admire for their dress sense if not anything else.

Clemence Poesy- Poesy's style is mostly based around the idea of minimalism. She tends to stick to a monochrome palette. Blazers, skinny jeans and ankle boots are often seen on Poesy, nodding to classic off-duty model style. When wearing dresses she often goes for a midi length.  

Carine Roitfeld- This legendary ex-editor in chief of Paris Vogue likes to mix creativity with work-wear. In the past she has worn a neon yellow skirt and a beige skirt that looks like it's been made out of a trench coat. Roitfeld's occasional daring outfits are less frequent than her penchant for wearing shift dresses, blazer and fur (much like the Vogue editor in chief from overseas, Anna Wintour.)

Audrey Tautou- The reason I really recognise Audrey Tautou as a fashion figure is because of her role in Coco Avant Chanel which is one of my favourite films. However, she wore the best dress EVEEEEERRRR to the 65th Cannes Film Festival. 

Garance Dore- Garance Dore is one of the world's most successful fashion bloggers which is awesome hence she has gallons of style. Her blog is just amazing. It's really more like a site for a magazine or something now because there is just so much there. 

Marie Antoinette- here.

Coco Chanel-here, here and here.

Read more about French fashion here.

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