Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Glam Rock

1974 Creem Glam Rock issue

Firstly, I will apologise for my absence from what some might call the blogosphere for the past week. I didn't do a Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions post this week because my inspiration was getting a bit repetitive and I ended up writing about the same things every weekend. The quality not quantity mantra comes into play here because I'd rather have a couple of weeks away from blogging then come back refreshed and ready to write about something passionately as opposed to robotically.

I have a confession to make: I have been cheating on fashion with music. Please don't ostracise me too seriously for this. Every time I hear the sound of either a folky song or a rock song I get goosebumps and butterflies. Fashion sometimes makes me feel like this; for example when I saw the Chanel Resort 2013 collection online, when Emma Stone was on the cover of Vogue and when I read Coco Chanel's biography. I am trying to link fashion and music in my life as much as possible which is not incredibly difficult because they are both a sort of explosion of arts and are involved in everyone's lives to different extents. 

The glam rock era in the '70s is probably when music influenced fashion and vice versa most seriously. Artists like Bowie, The New York Dolls and T Rex broke down the barriers of social standards with their eccentric dress sense and blatantly unapologetic androgyny.

With the break up of the Beatles at the beginning of the decade, the outlook for popular British music in the '70s could have seemed rather dark. Then glam rock stepped onto the scene and it could not have been much brighter. The Beatles were not the only legendary musicians to demise in this decade. Elvis was found dead in 1977. However, who needs Elvis or The Beatles when you have Bowie and Bolan?

As far as fashion is concerned we are talking platforms, bright make-up, streaked hair and Ke$ha scale amounts of glitter. Flamboyant suits resembling last summer's 'pyjama party' trend were also popularised by this music genre. It was all very experimental and in many ways it still is. Although it broke down  boundaries in the music industry (cue Lady Gaga) in reality an all out glam rock outfit would probably not be very graciously accepted anywhere other than the more liberally stylish cities like London and New York. 

I think the most recent glam rock influence on the fashion industry has to be these glittery Nicholas Kirkwood for Meadham Kirchhoff platforms. Send me the ones on the right pretty please. The pink ones are too Disney Princess and the blue ones are a bit too Snow Queen but the green and dark pink are more New York Dolls.

Aren't these Nicholas Kirkwood for Meadham Kirchhoff the cutest, coolest footwear you have ever seen?

More glam rock inspired clothing:

Glam rock icons:

I just have to finish with a not entirely unrelated picture of Moz because if you're going to blame anyone for my lack of blogging blame him. Seriously, this music has taken over my life. Whatever, I'm not going to resist it. In fact, I have a post planned where I will review The Queen is Dead which I bought on vinyl yesterday and like died then came back to life and listened to it and cried and Smiths era Morrissey danced with my best friend and wasted a whole day just listening to it on repeat. Who cares if the review is twenty seven years too late?

Look it's my favourite person in a Jobriath t-shirt.
This post is quite text heavy but I'm glad I'm back to bloggings. I kept putting it off and feeling really bad about it but now I'm back I have a certain feeling omnipresence that I only get from forcing my views down people's throats sharing my views with the world via the internet.


  1. Have you seen a film called Velvet Goldmine? If not, you simply must. It's set in the Glam Rock era and the costumes are ah-mazing.

    1. I haven't know but thanks for recommending it. I just Googled it and the costumes look awesome :) I'll have to see it. I'll let you know when I do <3


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