Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

Images from style.com. Collage created by me.

The autumn/winter collections are now being shown but in the practical sense we are just coming up to the time of year when it becomes appropriate the wear outfits inspired by the spring/summer collections so I believe that it is time for me to share my opinion on at least one of the latter collections. I have decided that I need to be more critical of art forms; one of them being fashion. Hence, I must say that I didn't like Marc Jacobs' Spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection. I found it too fashion-y in a cosmopolitan super bitch sense whereas I think that fashion should celebrate creativity and it is the big names like Marc Jacobs' responsibility to do that. Due to this lack of creativity there seemed to be no deeper meaning behind the clothes. I am not slating Jacobs as a designer because I love his recent collections for Louis Vuitton, he has done a lot of fantastic work in the past and I am sure that he will go on to do more in the future. However, I found this collection quite shallow unlike perhaps Jacobs' ideas for the Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Louis Vuitton collection where no expense was spared to bring a real steam train to the show and have the models dressed in Edwardian costume. Jacobs said that he wanted to evoke the "glamour of travel and the romance of going somewhere" which I find quite a charming idea to have behind and collection. I also think that I liked this because I'm a bit of a history boffin. That collection had meaning though. In the Spring 2013 show the models looked moody and ill. I do not usually jump on the 'fashion models are too skinny' bandwagon but without naming any particular names there were at least three models who looked scarily skeletal and by scarily skeletal I mean significantly skinnier than Cara Delevigne. Overall, the fashion show was uninspiring because the models whizzed past in a blur of stripes and there was little time to think, not that the collection inspired much thinking. Art and fashion are based on opinion and in my opinion a fashion show should never be rushed, the clothes should have a historical or social context or demonstrate the designer's feelings about something. 

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