Sunday, 10 March 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

If you're gonna go with the fur bag; keep it faux. I love the hat. I'm not a fan of baggy white trousers but I like the shirt, blazer and shoes. 
I love long black coats. They have an intellectual Dickensian quality to them. But, you know, you might want to put some trousers on over your boxers or something because you could get cold legs, and arrested. Again though, I am loving the polo neck. As a rule, I hate white on white and I think that's mostly because of Justin Bieber in his recent concert.
I am in love with the left photograph. I love food in fashion shoots. I don't know why, I just like it. I love how to shirt is slightly untucked and the trousers are rolled up to reveal white socks. I guess I like how a generic black suit has been made more original. The scarf tied round a head thing looks nice for a fashion shoot and I would have ultimate respect for the guy who tries to pull it off in everyday life but they would probably get the pissed ripped out of them and I would never be ballsy enough to do something like that. I really like the tone of grey of the suit though (I was going to say 'shade of grey' but too many connotations with that phrase.)
Add a pair of jeans to the outfit on the left and I'm in love. Floral shirts, fans, oversized jackets, military boots...dreamy.  
These trousers are so fascinating. They are very shapely whilst maintaining a nonchalantly cool 'I just made my trousers out of my bed sheets because, why not?' vibe. The shirt and boots are lovely. I have a shirt like that. 

I really, really like striped shorts on guys at the moment. I don't know why. It's really cold where I am so it's not like I've seen anyone in the flesh dressed in them but then again it's not like I see many guys in the flesh. Haha. Also, I don't think I'd find anyone dressing like that in my town anyway. People tend to be slightly less adventurous with fashion than they are in a big city. 

HATS. LOVE 'EM. Why the hell not wear more than one? I also adore the parasol.

Hello stripy shorts...We meet again...
I luuuuurrrrrvvveeee flower hair bands and I made one myself but again I would have the up most respect for any guy able to pull this off because I wouldn't. However, I love the theme of androgynous gender play throughout this shoot. And it's a big YES to polka dot shirts and dungarees. 

Why do some people still make smoking look so frickin' cool??!! -_-

So that is my very serious analysis of Frida Marklund's menswear based photo sets. My favourite is the one with the dude with long hair because the dude has LONG HAIR which I hate in real life but makes for tremendously awesome fashion photographs. The photos of the attractive guy with the girl are a bit bland. These photos are from editorials Boys Will Be Boys, Ryan and The Ones to Watch. See more of Marklund's work here.

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