Thursday, 7 March 2013

2 Years

It turns out that I've been annoying you all via this blog for two whole years now. That's 730 days. 17531 hours. 447 posts. Here are the most popular: 

Most Popular Posts
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  6. Television Fashion: Next Top Model
  7. Fitties
  8. Television Fashion: Coronation Street
  9. 2012 Bring It On
  10. Christmas GIFs

My Personal Favourite Posts

To be entirely honest, I dislike nearly every post above. Some of them are very old and my views have changed as myself and my blog have grown over the past two years. My most recent favourite posts (in no particular order) are below. These favourites tend to be the ones that have received the most comments and positive feedback whereas the most 'popular' have the most views but if I was passionate about statistics then this blog would be a bunch of numbers instead of words. If you are new and want to have a taste of my blog I would start with the posts below and if you have been following me for a while, check out the ones you may have missed or revisit the posts that you like the most. If Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions could make a yearbook like Rookie, these would be the pieces included in it. Enjoy:

Although, this blog is mostly text based, I do dip my toes into photography from time to time and I find entire posts without photographs quite tedious so here are some of my favourite photographs that I have taken for my blog most recently:

Happy birthday to my blog, happy birthday to my blog, happy birthday to my Pretty Passions Fine Fashions, happy birthday to my blog. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO.

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  1. I love the pictures of you outside but I think my favourite is your close-up with the dark lipstick. You look absolutely beautiful! I'm always a little shy of going out in dark lipstick but you really make me want to try again!


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