Friday, 8 March 2013

March Menswear Month: Past MenswearPosts

I think the reason that I rarely do posts focused on menswear is because it is not a subject that I am very knowledgeable about and I think that there are vast differences between menswear and womenswear because men and women sometimes dress for different reasons. That said, don't we all dress to feel good? Or at least to feel comfortable? I decided that I need to have this Menswear Month to learn more about menswear. However, I have done related posts in the past, some of which I wrote a long time ago hence I have reviewed them below to see how my views and feelings towards certain topics and styles has changed.

I would go out tonight but I haven't got a stitch to wear

I only wrote this a few weeks ago and I think this comment posted  on one of Morrissey's songs or videos on YouTube (I cannot remember which one) 'I hate it when people compare Morrissey to God. I mean, a lot of people like the guy but he's no Morrissey.' So let's all chill out together and dress like these Smiths fans from the '80s.


If I were a boy: An ode to tomboys

There is not much to add to this post. I wrote it recently and am still inspired by the style of all these people.

Inspirational People: James Dean

Since writing this post I have actually watched two James Dean films and read part of a book about him so I have more reason to be a fan of the icon now. I love his whole rebellious aura. One of my mini obsessions is '50s rebels. I have just watched Saturday Night and Sunday Morning for the second time this week and I love it. Albert Finney is kind of like Britain's answer to James Dean and I think he's underrated given that because he didn't die young he hasn't had nearly as much fame as Dean whilst still being just as much of a talented actor. Anyway, now I can actually strike up a conversation about the plot of East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause instead of just presenting 'vintage eye candy' in an embarrassingly bimbo-esque fourteen year old way.

Fashion for boys

Ugh, I hate myself at the start of this post. How was that even me? How ignorant I was! I actually hate it when teenage boys wear polo shirts, chinos and plimsolls. It's like 'be a bit original please but not in the stereotypical indie way because that is also unceasingly annoying. Maybe I should just accept that I will die alone because I'm too picky. Don't worry, guys, just dress how you like. But try to be a creative, OK?'I will give some examples of cool ways for boys to dress throughout the next month and maybe in April as well because I don't think I'll have much time to blog between now and my French exchange but so far take tips from James Dean, Morrissey and Johnny Marr.

Fashion for men

Again, I pushed to 'keep it simple' but I was a close minded thirteen year old when I wrote that and since then I have come across some beautiful photographs on the internet of boys and men wearing bright colours and interesting textures that have made me more open to controversial clothing. I mean, come on, I LOVE glam rock style.

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