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Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions #51

Pretty Passions


Horst P. Horst

(Image Source)
Horst P. Horst has helped shape fashion photography as we know it; being one of the leading pioneers, if not the leading pioneer in 20th century fashion photography. His work spanned sixty years from 1931 to 1991 and in this time he captured, from behind the lens, many changes in the world that formed the context behind his elegant fashion photographs. His name has graced the bylines in many a magazine. In these sixty years, a lot changed in fashion and helped to make the industry what it is today. Many of his black and white photographs have become very iconic. Namely, his portraits of the late Coco Chanel and the above corset photograph. Horst images would have been taken on film cameras and then developed in a dark room but in order to respond to Horst photography one could get the same pure black and white image by taking the original photograph on the black and white setting on a digital camera. Keep the clothing elegant and understated yet glamorous. Choose a model with an old fashioned looking face; specifically 1940s Hollywood heroine.  Find out more about Horst's life and work here.

Frida Marklund

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Going onto this website I had high expectations for the rest of Marklund's photography because those sunglasses. THOSE SUNGLASSES. Looking through the rest of Marklund's editorials really did transport me to another world. I was in a photography lesson at school when I found this website so it was nice to be mentally transported out of the school building and into a world where people dress like fashion GODS and have perfectly neat eye liner. As far as Menswear Month goes, I have planned a post on a few of Marklund's menswear editorials. View more of Marklund's work here.

Daniele + Iango

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Here we have something a bit more controversial. The duo have taken a number of nudes that, to be frank, are really quite strange but interesting and artistic. My favourite photograph is one of the 2007 skull photographs of a silver skull surrounded by somewhat translucent, lilac butterflies sculpted by Philippe Pasqua. View more of Daniele + Iango's work here.

Chen Man

(Image Source)
I found this website extremely difficult to navigate but from what I could gather, Man is a very talented photographer. I love the elegance of the models with the dogs that reminds me of a shoot British Vogue did last year. I adore the image above and others like it with the afro and the paint and the banana. If that does't convince everyone that fashion is art then I don't know what will. View more of Man's work here.

Kevin Davies

(Image Source)
I really like this website. There is so much content to look through, it's difficult to know where to start. I love the set of photographs titled '3' because they are so simple yet I find them really beautiful. It would not be too difficult to take a set of photos in response to this. View more of Davies' work here.

Fine Fashions

This collage is inspired by Frida Marklund's 'Boys Will Be Boys' set. I love the ever so subtle gender play with the fur handbag (the one in this set is faux)and all the white. However, please don't wear white with white for fear of looking like an arrogant on-stage Justin Bieber. I think hats and boots are outrageously cool accessories for boys and the poloneck salutes Smiths era Johnny Marr. I really like the navy Paul Smith shirt also.

Boys Will Be Boys

Equipment button up shirt
£155 -

Farhi By Nicole Farhi scoop neck top
£37 -

Vanessa bruno
£430 -

Gold Case gold blazer
£165 -

Scotch & Soda stretchy pants
£87 -

Mes demoiselle

Topshop cotton socks
£5.32 -

Stella McCartney patent leather shoes
£270 -

Manas leather sneaker

Short heels
£73 -

Top handle bag
£12 -

Topshop brimmed hat
£24 -

Submariner Sweater
£65 -


  1. have you heard of helmut newton? He is another really amazing fashion photographer! (but lots of nudes...)

    1. I recognise the name. I just looked at some of his photographs. They are very interesting. I love black and white photography perhaps more than I like colour photography. I think that fashion photography looks especially beautiful in black and white.

  2. It's so nice to see a teen fashion blog that writes about others who have been so influential to modern fashion rather than just features outfit posts :)

    Thanks for recommending all these photographers - in a time when photoshopping seems to have to happen to make a picture / model 'perfect' it is good to see that some of the best photos are still down to a skilled photographer, nothing more required.


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