Monday, 1 April 2013

Not For The Boys

Who do you dress for? This is a question that a number of us have indefinitely been faced with; either directly or indirectly. Perhaps the topic arose in idle conversation. Or maybe it is something that you have asked yourself in the past. Possibly you have only asked yourself just now. Perchance you have been confronted with it in a rude way. 

So do you dress...

...for the boys?

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Betsey Johnson once famously said 

“Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.”

I can understand why someone might dress up for their *crush*  or  get especially dressed up for a date but it seems that some inconceivably shallow boys/men assume that you are dressing up for them although you have never met them before. The 'little black dress does not mean yes' slogan comes to mind. Why would you dress up for a stranger? I know some people go 'out on the pull' (pardon me whilst I curl up under my duvet and cry about the scale of cringe that comes with expression) but unless you're going out to impress a specific person you are not dressing for anyone in particular. If all girls wanted to dress for boys all the time then they would go out naked or in some sexy lingerie ensemble. Also, I think boys and men should put more effort into their appearance sometimes because with most animals, it is the male of the species that puff up their feathers and have beautiful colours and look pretty. The now international SlutWalk movement demonstrates how most women do not get dressed up for me. In case you are not aware of this movement, it started when a Canadian policeman said that women should avoid dressing provocatively in order to avoid becoming rape victims. How backwards is that? In the 21st century! Whatever I wear, wherever I go, no still means NO. It amazes me how some vapid members of the male species think that because you've dressed up nicely you clearly want to have sex. And with them. Even if they're a random dude from across the bar with too much facial hair and major body odour issues. To conclude, this policeman who made the preliminary offending comments probably now feels like the most immense idiot in the universe. A lot of guys would not notice a new haircut or a new dress so why bother looking good for them when you can look good...

...for the girls?

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Oscar Wilde once famously said

"I choose my friends for their good looks."

When I see someone dressed creatively I think they look interesting therefore I kinda want to be friends with this cool person. I would be too shy to approach to them but it is inspiring in this dull world when you stumble across someone mixing up the sartorial soup of the world. I like to express myself through the medium of clothes and I know that what I wear influences people's opinions on me. I think girls definitely read into what other girls are wearing more than boys do. This can be both good and bad. It can be bad because it is easy to get competitive about it which is the main argument for school uniform which I am still against for various reasons. But being competitive about clothes sucks the fun out of fashion and fun is one of the main reasons I like to dress up even if I'm staying inside and seeing no one (e.g. most of my life.) Personally, I have come to the conclusion that not only do I hate shopping with others but I also despise getting ready with them. I feel like it limits my choices. People already judge my quirkier outfits and although I trust my friends to understand and perhaps even like the part of my style, I feel pressured and stressed when shopping or dressing with others. I don't want to stylistically dumb myself down and I am more enticed to do so when surrounded by other people; how ever wonderful these people may be. I don't dress for other girls because I dislike most girls. Although it was quite fun to be a little outrageous to piss off the people sending me Formspring abuse about my style this time two years ago. So the conclusion is that one simply must dress...

...for the Person Who Truly Matters? *spoiler* IT'S YOU. YES, YOU, READING THIS.

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Jenna Marbles once famously said: 

"When you put on matching underwear you know it's gonna be a good day."

Do you dress for yourself? I certainly do. With regards to the above quote; those words carry a lot of truth. Who cares if no one sees? It makes you feel organised, sophisticated and just plain happy. Style is personal and should stay that way. I will never sacrifice my style for anyone; regardless of their gender. I dress up for myself. Even if you're not going out anywhere so no one will see you, you probably have mirrors in your house so dress up so when you pass them you can wink at your reflection and say "lookin' fine" then shuffle away awkwardly because your mum was watching...

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