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Taking the Stand?

Elsa Schiaparelli, 1937
The fashion house Schiaparelli has been dormant for almost sixty years although Elsa Schiaparelli (a contemporary of Coco Chanel) is still a household name for people with even a mild interest in the fashion industry. In 2007 business mogul Diego Della Valle (who also owns footwear brand, Tods) bought the rights to the brand and rumours sparked about a relaunch. All he needed to do was find a designer to create the collection. Last year, it was said that Schiaparelli would be resurrected this February. No such collection has occurred. Della Valle was supposed to decide on a creative director by September last year but rumours are still circulating as to who will take the stand and release the first collection since Elsa in 1954 and no official name has been released. Today, however, rumour has it that Marco Zanini will be taking on the coveted position. Let's look back at the other big names in fashion who have been rumoured to be taking on the role;

Giles Deacon

Image Source: www.guardian.co.uk

All the way back in 2007 British fashion designer, Giles Deacon was the first designer rumoured to taking the stand as creative director at the renewed Schiaparelli. Apparently Della Valle thought that he would be good for the job after saying his spring/summer 2008 collection and noticing that it was not too dissimilar to Schiaparelli in her heyday in the Thirties.  

To view Giles' brilliant Autumn 2013 pret-a-porter collection on style.com click here. 

John Galliano 

Ohmygod he looks like such an arrogant tosser.
Image source: moviecitynews.com

Back in March last year WWD reported that former Dior creative director would be taking the helm at Schiaparelli. However, these rumours were soon announced untrue by a spokesperson for Galliano, who was currently still recovering from alcoholism and the disgrace of being charged in court for charges of racism (I am not sure which was more prominent, as the racist event was all over the news so it was best for Galliano to lay low for a while. I am not doubting his alcohol problem but it does seem like a convenient scapegoat for the whole episode.) I would not want Galliano designing for me if I won the lottery and bought a fashion house because his name has been tarnished in such a despicable way. He was charged suched a meagre fine in court but his career seemed ruined for a while. Now, however, he is receiving numerous offers of work from fashion industry giants. Personally, I think he should pay the consequences for his actions to show that racism is intolerable in fashion, in life and even in drunken nights in the pub. I'm sure that he has enough money to piss off to a faraway island with a villa and a yacht and lots of expensive paintings that could feed children in Africa. I don't like Dior as a fashion house anyway. I find it extravagant and uncreative.

Erdem Moralioglu

Image caption: www.londonfashionweek.co.uk

In November last year, rumours leaked online suggesting that fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu would become the next creative director for Schiaparelli. However, at the time, the brand refused to comment. 

Erdem's Autumn 2013 pret-a-porter collection is sophisticated, Chanel-esque perfection.

Nicolas Ghesquiere

Image Source: disney.wikia.com

After leaving Balenciaga last year, it was rumoured that Ghesquiere would become creative director but that was all that they remained as; rumours. Alas, Della Vella's pursuit for a creative director to relaunch the brand with continued.

View Ghesquiere's last collection for Balenciaga here.

Marco Zanini

Image Source: nancyfashionfancy.blogspot.com

Today, rumours surfaced that, in fact, Marco Zanini would be designing the brand's much awaited comeback collection. Zanini is the only designer on this list whom I have not have heard in of before now. He started his career as an assistant at Dolce and Gabbana before becoming before head of womenswear at Versace. He worked briefly as creative director for American brand, Halston. In 2008 Zanini was hired as creative director at Rochas. 

I literally love Rochas' autumn 2013 soooooo much adghakjwgvldbg.

So, who will it be? What will happen next in Schiaparelli saga? The new collection is planned for June or July this year but will it have to be pushed back again due to the lack of a creative director? I hope, at least, with all this time that it is taking that Della Vella will find someone really perfect for the position; someone who will not soil the Schiaparelli legacy. Also, why are all these rumoured designers men? I'd like to see a woman become creative director at a company founded by a woman at a time when women weren't founders of many things.

Here are some of my favourite looks from Elsa Schiaparelli:

Oversized knits and pencil skirts equate to effortless style.
Image from fashionencylopedia.com
The jumper that inspired this Rookie DIY that I did but ran out of paint and some of the paint went through so I need to sort that out at some point. It's been on my to do list since November...
Image from schoolhousepress.com
Simple dresses=simple elegance
Image from www.fashionencyclopedia.com

Who do you think should take the stand as creative director at Schiaparelli?

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