Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions #58

Spring Breakers and Chunky Sandals 

I watched the first half of Spring Breakers today. Everything is framed through a neon, summer live-fast-die-young vibe; robbing fast food restaurants and doing drugs etc. 

Tunes to commit armed robbery, take drugs and end up in jail to

Forever- Haim

Girls and Boys- Blurs
Celebrity Skin- Hole
Party at a Rich Dude's House- Ke$ha
What the Hell- Avril Lavigne
Hollywood- Marina and the Diamonds 
Kids- MGMT
Baby I Call Hell- Deap Vally

(all images from tumblr)

Chunky Sandals

High heels
£62 -

High heels
£150 -

ASOS flat shoes

Topshop high heels
£59 -

Dr. Martens strappy sandals
£79 -

Dr. Martens strappy sandals
£72 -

Jelly shoes
£39 -

Office black shoes


Lily shoes
£63 -

SWEAR strappy sandals
£105 -

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