Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions #59

American Psycho and Patti Smith

The aesthetic inspiration for this week's ~vibe~ initially came from the film, American Psycho, which I watched last week. Usually I prefer things that lean away from perfection, but this week I have been inspired by the untarnished decor of the fabulously wealthy. I have also been rewatching the first series of Gossip Girl this week so my hunger for luxury goes without saying.

Despite my adoration for luxurious aesthetics this week, the style icon in my mind has been Patti Smith. For sixth form in September I will not have to wear a school uniform (yay x 10000) but I will have to dress in smart workwear. Basically, I'm planning on dressing like Patti Smith on the cover of Horses (one of the best albums ever ever ever by the way.) Topshop currently have a range of jewellery that pays homage to horses. I would either like to get a necklace or a brooch to accessorize the over sized suit.

Patti Smith {Horses}

Zara viscose top
£40 -

Vanessa Bruno open front blazer
£305 -

Jean-Paul Gaultier high waisted pants
£610 -

Rosie Wonders pins brooch
£11 -

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