Monday, 2 September 2013

Godard and Karina: Made in the USA

Last week I watched a Jean Luc Godard film for the first time. I fell in love with the cinematic style and Anna Karina almost immediately. 

Everything about the way Anna carried herself in this film demonstrated the epitome of French coolness. The plot of the film was political and complicated but I thought that it was brilliant and I would like to rewatch it and get a firmer grasp of what actually occurs. I'm looking forward to discovering more of Godard's work.

I kept watching despite the complexity because some lines really made me think. The immediate way to judge the greatness of a film is to question whether or not it makes you think.  

Anna Karina's character's outfits kept me captivated as much as the thoughtful witty dialogue and arty cinematography did. This film inspired me to continue studying French in my own time even though I am not studying it next year.


Anna Karina in Made In USA

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