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Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2014

Meadham Kirchhoff's latest collection was achingly beautiful, as per usual. Their trademark kookiness shines through in the form of cute plaits and big hats (sneaky rhyme there.) This review is somewhat lengthy and convoluted but Meadham Kirchhoff is one of the most beautiful things in this life so I would like to prolong its beauty.

I am definitely going to print a teddy bear onto a bag like the one accessorising the first look to step out onto the catwalk. The first looks are reminiscent of a girl's boarding school. The plaits and white socks are very girly. 

Soon the looks become more edgy with pops of colour. Think like the rebellious girl who breaks the school uniform by wearing neon yellow socks instead of white or the girl who wears lacy skirts accompanied by a killer pout. 

The fifth look is something very different. It is almost like the model is wearing an eye mask or the goggles that one puts on in a sunbed. The blazers is cropped and the space between it and the matching skirt is broken up with a cream blouse. Now, red gloves are added but the deer bag reminds us of the nods to childhood. The blazer and skirt look like a coat that has been cut in two, with the bottom half made into a skirt. That would be an interesting DIY design to pursue. 

The next look is from the more punky school girl. The arms of the blazer are torn to reveal her shoulders. 

Perhaps the next look could be a slip worn as underwear underneath the school uniform garments. The collar is made of delicate black lace and is attached to what could be the top of a shirt. There are myriad of DIY posts about how to do this spread across the internet. The dainty, cream slip is loose and thin enough to reveal a glimpse at the black lace bodice underneath. 

The next girl could be the girl who ran away in the middle of the night; perhaps to get away forever or to meet a secret lover. The whole collection has an air of romance about it. Perhaps it is the abundance of cream lace or the rose petals along the side of the runway. The cream material covers the shoulders this time and it hangs even looser, hiding the shape of the model's body. At the end of gold gloved arms, hangs a lace- seemingly sort of broderie anglaise- cropped jacket. The neckline of the dress is again finished off with a cute Peter Pan collar. 

This look is one of the most eccentric. The orange hair is curled like the plaits have been pulled out. The one-hand-in-pocket pose oozes coolness. The gold coat is a massive statement, but, realistically, a gold raincoat would be the most fabulous invention and, for the majority, rather wearable. The outfit underneath seems similar (Meadham Kirchhoff, please forgive this comparison, it's a compliment, I swear) to an outfit that could be found on a Topshop model. The v-neck floral crop top will be perfect for Spring, as will the gingham, lace midi skirt. We needn't wait until Spring for the skirt to be on trend. The slightly longer length gives an air of laidback coolness which, with the print and lace, gives a grungey allure that is so of the moment. Leaving the best until last: the hexagonal sunglasses. With Halloween around the corner, the spider web esque design feels festively spooky. 

The following outfit has a Spanishy vibe. The lace underneath the wide brimmed hat is a creative idea. The gingham appears again here. The lace embellishments around the edges of the dress are intricately gorgeous. Here is an example of Meadham Kirchhoff at their trademark best.

The next dress looks like a tracing paper pattern. From a distance, it does not look great but when you see the details up close it is oh-so beautiful. What is interesting about this look is that the sleeves appear to be detached from the collar but are the same fabric. The sheerest parts of the dress reveal the bright red thigh high socks underneath. This seems like a bit of a mismatched outfit; like a young girl playing around with dress up.

There are a couple of ensembles that go back to the original, stereotypical cutesy style before a model who has thrown over a black snakeskin look jacket over the top. The next look is accompanied by a floral patterned jacket held onto by the model.

The hexagonal sunglasses reappear with another black jacket thrown over a bright orange slip dress accompanied by matching thigh high socks and lipstick. The one hand in pocket pose again goes down a rebellious treat.

Look 17 is a bit of a print clash disaster. Snakeskin plus flowers plus yellow plus gold even sounds like a disaster on paper. It’s interesting though. It should not be dismissed entirely. The next look is another sort of rebellious outfit, however, this time; the main colour palette is cream instead of black. Perhaps the more fashion conscious rebel?

The next group of outfits span out to a modest sort of party wear. Think prom dresses in The Virgin Suicides only a hundred times more beautiful with incredibly delicate and carefully made embellishments. The dresses look heavy with all the beads sewn onto the light fabric. Some of these dresses make me think of a much more glamorous Little House on the Prairie.

Look 23 (above) is gorgeous. At this point a sort of floral thistle print is introduced. Look 25 is comprised of a straw hat and a short dress. The upper part of the dress reminds me of 18th Century menswear billowy blouse whereas the skirt is pleated and goes back to the boarding school girl idea. The thigh high neon yellow socks add edginess.

 The gold embellished skirt is one of the most beautiful garments in the collection. The collection finishes up with what looks like a Victorian era nightgown only with a red floral pattern and a gold embellished bodice to make it more original. 

The shoes go well with the collection. They are somewhat frumpy but I can see them being worn on the London streets by the most fashionable city crowd. They would look great with bright skinny jeans, in orange, for example.


-Fun neons mixed in with conservative blazer and skirt suits
- Oversized hats
- Torn blazer
- Lace skirts
- Gingham
- Bead embellishments
- Cut-out fabric (hearts, deer etc.)
- Black snakeskin jackets ~faux pls



-Teddy bear/deer tote bag
-Cut-in-half coat
-Peter Pan collar


Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2014

Dolce Gabbana mini dress

Alice Olivia dress
£375 - aliceandolivia.com

Alice by Temperley dress
£335 - net-a-porter.com

Red carpet dress

Balmain long sleeve blazer

Vintage lace skirt
£240 - farfetch.com

J.Crew cable socks
£6.27 - jcrew.com

Ankle high hosiery
£2.91 - cottonon.com

Zara vinyl shoes
£63 - zara.com

Borsalino black straw hat
£155 - thecorner.com

Spring Green Parchment Leaves
£8.13 - surlatable.com

Shout Out

A girl in my year at school walked for Meadham Kirchhoff as well as for a bunch of other shows in London Fashion Week this year which is really awesome. British Vogue also tweeted a photograph of her.

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