Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New Favourite: Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia do really cute clothes. Look at the block colours in pastel and the skirts that would spin outwards if you spun round in them. I am loving this style at the moment. There is an obvious '60s influence. It has a very '50s-'60s prom-y feel. 

The clothes are wearable- say 'commercial.' Unlike a lot of designer outfits, the styling is simple yet chic and does not require bucket-loads of confidence to pull off.

Stacey Bendet described this collection as, "more preppy than pretty." I think that it is preppy and pretty which is extra fantastic. described Alice + Olivia as 'totally commericial' but added that Bendet was 'totally OK' with that. Usually I find edgy, stand-out style more interesting but at the moment I adore pastels and frills and bows and pink and cute little cardigans. 

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