Saturday, 7 September 2013

New York Fashion Week From Your Sofa

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The internet is littered with 'Fashion Week Survival Guides' that scream at you to pack a pair of flats, bring energy bars and lots of water. However, what about the vast majority of us who can't actually get to the shows?

So you want to keep up to date with fashion week but you can't make it to the shows? Perhaps there's a time difference? Maybe you'd rather stay at home. I have compiled a guide for keeping up to date with the fashion that's occurring on the other side of the Atlantic this week.

You Will Need

1. Access to this website. The need for instant fashion reports, photo uploads etc etc is unbearably satiated nowadays. So much so, that, until now, I never knew where exactly to watch live feeds. Obviously I was being dumb because it's on the main website that is literally called

2. Tea and/or coffee to stay awake. Personally, I require both because I'm indecisive and like tea as well as coffee. Coffee is best for dealing with the time difference and staying up watching the later shows.

3. A playlist. Although the shows have their own music, you may want to create your own playlist to get yourself in ~the mood. Usually I just listen to really mopey music but when I created this more upbeat playlist I felt more ready for fashion week.

4. Diet coke. It just seems very appropriate for New York Fashion Week.

5. A notepad and pen. For taking notes of course. Even if you're not a blogger, if you're watching the shows, you're likely looking for inspiration. Note down the key details of each show as well as your favourite outfits. Of course will soon provide you with all the photos as well as a show review but it feels sort of old school fashion journo to make notes with pen and paper whilst the show is happening live.

6. Snacks. I've been snacking on popcorn which is more akin to film watching but works just as well for any other occasion, I find.

7. Time for lie-ins. Pragmatically, this will only work for this weekend and tonight because then everyone will be going back to school and work and I don't fancy staying up all night every night next week when it's my first full week back at school. Only stay up all night watching the live feeds if you know that you can handle it or will be able to sleep the next day. The photos and videos that you missed whilst sleeping will be on when you wake up the next day. Perhaps those of you living in America can use it as a plan for when the shows start in Europe.

8. Lipgloss. For all anyone knows, you could be sat on your laptop in your onesie and that is okay. However, you will probably be inspired, not only by the catwalk, but by the audience; especially the front row. Everyone seems to have perfect makeup and really shiny lips. I've been topping up my lipgloss all afternoon!

Sophie xoxo

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