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Prada Spring 2014

In the first look to grace the runway at Prada in Milan today, there is a lot going on. We can look at the embellishments and see luxury. We can look at the face print and see pop art. Or, we can look at the legwarmers and see hockey. It is an interesting piece. The dress on its own is perhaps a little missmatched but by adding equally mismatched accessories it seems to work, don't you think?

The second look is definitely headed in a more sporty direction. The stretchy fabrics serve as comfort attire as opposed to the embellished luxury that can still be seen on the bra top above the stretchy skirt. The stripes add a preppy American vibe.

This look could have cultural connotations concerning the slightly military-esque coat worn with a bra-top over the top. It could be mixing something feminine with a role that is stereotypically more masculine and reminding people that women are allowed in the army hence, we are working towards equality. Although the feminist movement has succeeded in the respect that women are now let into the army, it still has far to go as far as rape culture is concerned. Between 2007 and 2009 76 allegations of rape were investigated by the British Armed Forces. The bra worn over the military style coat is a powerful symbol of the feminist movement whether Miuccia Prada’s intentions were to represent that or not.

Even the silk embellished dresses are sporty, drop waist styles. This resonates with the sportier dresses worn in the 1920s. The hockey sock-esque leg warmers remain throughout the entire collection. They remind me of one of Rookie’s earliest eye candy posts that made me wish that I went to an American high school. I am very excited about incorporating that sort of thing into my wardrobe soon. It is so simple but a surprising thing to accessorise a classically beautiful dress with. 

From hockey field to the ocean waves, a wetsuit material comes into the clothing here. This headdress is really creative. Perhaps the new flower crown? The wetsuit notion reminds me of Patrick McDowell's wetsuit/kimono dress on Young Apprentice. The dress received a huge amount of criticism but I adore it. I tweeted Patrick to let him know and he replied saying thanks <3

Also, Patrick's collar and trousers are gorgeous
The cartoon prints at the start of the collection seem to be Warhol inspired, however, as the show progresses, there seems to be a shift into a more oriental style. In fact, some of the ornate beaded embellishments are rather oriental too; making the wetsuit/kimono design even more relevant.

The majority of the garments stick to a primary colour wheel mixed in with neutrals. In that respect, it seems almost like a child's artwork imprinted onto a shift dress. I am sure that there is a specific artist that Muiccia Prada drew inspiration from but this is my interpretation. 

Rainbows, sunsets and tinsel come to mind with this look. However, the coat is very cute and '60s inspired.

Many of the faces imprinted onto the dresses remind me of the 'Top Model' stationary that my mother bought me for school in Year 7. I never thought after that that it would ever be fashionable!

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I would like to add that I adore Miuccia's skirt and her shoes. That lady can dress almost as well as she can design. 

I cannot help but feel that this collection has many feminist undertones to it. Miuccia Prada is one of the leading female fashion designers in the world today. Fashion is seen as a 'girly' thing but it is still an industry predominantly run by males. The only old, 'great' fashion house founded by a woman is Chanel and even that is now run by a man (a great man but a man nonetheless.) There are lots of references to women taking on stereotypically male roles (sportswear,army etc) However, there is also a sense of glorifying women through the use of their faces on the dresses.

The sandals are also super cute with floral embellishments adding a chic, feminine touch to otherwise stereotypically frumpy sandals.

- Sportswear
- Military
- Pop art and cartoons
- Wetsuits
- Oriental embellishments



- Hockey sock leg warmers
- Underwear as outerwear (bras or bralets on top of cardigans and coats??)
- Crazy blue headdress
- Tinsel embellished pastel peacoat 

I have realised that I really love reviewing shows and writing about my own take on the inspirations. I love London for fashion but Milan has much more of an exotic feeling about it. The London clothes are more wearable but Milan is so luxuriously alluring. I wish that I had time to review every show but school. 

Sophie xoxo

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  1. Those clothes are beautiful! I really like the inspirations and love the DIY ideas :) I'm crazy about socks right now! I should really buy a pair of hockey socks...


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